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Rogers tells its employees to attend tonight’s John Tory rally

Nice little scoop, by Global’s Jackson Proskow, here. Suggests Tory’s rally tonight isn’t very authentic, doesn’t it?



7 Responses to “Rogers tells its employees to attend tonight’s John Tory rally”

  1. Mary says:

    And the message has Ford-level literacy. I guess the right wing don’t got no need for any of that book learnin!

    • Ridiculosity says:

      Seriously. How the hell do you get to be EVP and CMO of a company like Rogers when you write that badly? Oh, I forgot. You learn to play golf.

  2. Chris says:

    This is not a directive.

    Your Boss

  3. KP says:

    In my industry, this is referred to as being ‘volun-told.’

  4. steve says:

    Lets say your making over six figures. Now you have a chance to contribute. No normal citizen contributes to a political campaign. In Canada for now its no longer one dollar one vote. But its comming, So rise up Canada against the fair elections act which is a republican idea.

  5. Sam Davies says:

    Seems like you have a great double dip issue by which you attack both Tory and CPC.
    Unfortunately, this would require you to play with fire with your employer.

    You have John Tory who can and should be used to emphasize all that is wrong with both Rogers, telecom, and healthy competition (pro consumer) in Canada. Then you have the complete failure of the CPC in making things better for us, other than advertising their talking points on helping Canadians. The new entrants (Wind, Mobilicity) are on life support, and it seems that the expected miracle solution for a 4th national carrier will involve empowering a separatist (Videotron). Meanwhile, the incumbents just jacked our bills up another $5. And why did they do this? Because right now, they can get away with it with zero consequences.

  6. Paul Brennan says:

    Hi ..I owned rogers stock but dumped it …was the launch during work hours ….time off to go support a board member ..isnt the board suppose to make sure folks work to “maximize returns for the shareholders” …dont see how this does that … how deos this happen ..lol

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