03.09.2014 09:13 AM

We get letters: this morning’s death threat

From “Chris,” email Roadhammer_@live.ca, IP He’s somewhere in Nova Scotia, looks like.

I know you won’t approve this, but you still have to read it.

I hope to HELL that some illegal with a firearm shoots you, takes your wallet and then robs your house because he now has your address. Maybe he will take a family member hostage.

THIS is why I own firearms.

Of all the shootings in the U.S., how many are from legal firearms owners?

You’re just a left wind metrosexual who does nothing but run their mouths and force their beliefs onto others.



  1. smelter rat says:

    Grammatically it needs work, but I’m sure Chris’s neighbours must feel very safe.

  2. Ridiculosity says:

    That’s one sick MoFo. But the sickest thing is that he owns firearms. Combine the two and it often ends badly.

  3. Steve T says:

    This is the irony of the gun lobby, in many cases. People in safe suburbs, who watch a few too many action movies, get it in their head that a criminal might barge through their door at any moment. Never mind it almost never happens in those areas of town.

    The paranoia runs freely, and people begin to arm themselves and get twitchy. Then you get accidental shootings, often by children in the home who are tempted by the unlocked and loaded gun (because of course you can’t lock up and unload your gun, or else the bad guys would have a timing edge).

    It would be interesting to see the statistics on accidental shootings vs actual deterred crimes from gun-toting homeowners.

    All of this is coming from a guy who has an assortment of hunting firearms. However, my guns are unloaded, trigger-locked, and stored in a gun safe in the back recesses of my basement. I never have it in my mind that they are there for home defense. (Except in a zombie apocalpyse, and then all bets are off…)

  4. Matt says:

    As a licensed firearms owner myself I say this:

    Warren, get the cops involved. He needs to have his PAL revoked and firearms seized.

    PS – WTF is a left wind metrosexual?

  5. Monica says:

    Can someone find Chris (I’m sure it can be done) and tell him that guns don’t kill people, but people do. He probably hasn’t heard that one before because he wouldn’t HAVE to. I hope he isn’t one of THOSE people with thoughts about wallets, shootings, robberies and hostage-takings. He’s the one who WORRIES me.

  6. Todd says:

    Matt. A left wind metrosexual is a stylish chap that can breath entirely from a single lung. Really. You should have known.

  7. Rob says:

    Hey, everyone needs a hobby….oh wait, I mean lobby…

  8. ian says:


    this blog seems to fit the bill of a nutter.
    if on rogers in Ottawa sometimes ip shows as nova scotia for some reason.

    • Coelocanth_Jones says:

      Holy crap, I actually came across this one before, I think it was through an equally offensive post on cbcnews.ca or something like that

  9. david ray says:

    you should have called the cops right after you read Roadhammer 🙂

  10. Sezme says:

    Whatever he’s angry about, I guarantee it’s fundamentally got nothing to do with what he typed in that letter. Still, he seems charming enough.

  11. harvey bushell says:

    Whatever a

    “left wind metrosexual who does nothing but run their mouths and force their beliefs onto others”

    is, they must be pretty smart and powerful to be able to do that without guns.

  12. Jim Daher says:

    Metrosexual? Are you kidding? You dress like a hooligan…upscale-ish hooligan, but a HOOLIGAN nonetheless.

  13. Mulletaur says:

    ‘Left Wind’ sounds like the name of a punk band. Perhaps the name of a new song by SFH ?

    I thought the feds were supposed to stop people who are mentally unstable from having a firearms licence ?

  14. debs says:

    sooo….there has to be a reality show/political documentary in these letters….just think Warren, You and one of the sunnews personalities( my pick David Akin) race around the country finding these letter writers and interviewing them on their brand of crazy.
    (even better ask Rick Mercer if he is available;))

  15. Greg Vezina says:

    This is a very good reason to use a VPN when you are online, that way the only stalkers that can find you this easily work for law enforcement and the military or private contractors like Monsanto and DuPont that need armies to help them enforce their patent rights. http://www.naturalnews.com/038218_dupont_gmos_farmers.html

  16. Pipes says:

    I wonder if Homeland Security or CSIS reads your blog, it would surprise me if they didn’t, if so, this guy better get used to walking.

    Maybe you should forward these nut cases to them as a service to your country.

  17. e.a.f. says:

    perhaps this person should not own a gun.\

    Has this person not heard of free speech.

    some one with that much hate in him, might be a danger to their own family. lets hope he stays where he is and the police keep a close eye on him.

  18. Rocker Portwell says:

    Maybe he’s offering you some right wind therapy?

  19. David says:

    He wasn’t making a death threat: He was simply hoping that somebody else shoots you.

    I for one am a nicer guy. Instead I spend four hours a day calling you a left wind metrosexual and then I hope that Sun News transfers you to Granma International.

  20. Cameron Prymak says:

    I recall a recent discussion on names just last week.

    Seems to me the root of ‘Chris’ is something along the lines of Christ-like or carrying Christ and so I can’t think of anything more opposite to those definitions than the vulgar ‘wishes’ expressed above.

  21. Hainesy says:

    I think you should be more offended by the metrosexual comment than the death threat. Black leather, knee-hole pants, can’t play no high school dance.

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