04.25.2014 01:30 PM

Exclaim! on the Hot Nasties


“Today, Hot Nasties are probably best known as Liberal Party strategist Warren Kinsella’s old band or that old Canadian punk group UK upstarts Palma Violets covered. But they were one of the first punk groups in Calgary, and 1980’s The Invasion of the Tribbles EP (Ugly Pop, www.uglypop.bigcartel.com) is the only material they managed to release. A lot of first-wave punk acts get a lot of credit just for making it into a recording studio, but it’s clear Hot Nasties were a cut above many of their peers. “I am A Confused Teenager” alone shows they were a band more concerned with penning catchy tunes than battling the establishment.”

I’m not a Liberal strategist, BTW. I’m not an anything strategist. I hate all political parties, a ce moment, equally.

And as I always tell Pierre, my BFF and fellow Hot Nasties founder: “If we’d stayed together, I’d be through my country-punk and synth-punk stages, my second heroin addiction, my third marriage to one of the Slits, and my fourth dalliance with Buddhism. Just think what we missed!”


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