04.01.2014 07:19 PM

Here’s what Ming Pao says about Olivia


To wit:

“Her supporters packed the church in St. James town….media coverage comparable to a star level athlete. In the political world, we hardly see such high profile media coverage.”

I’ll buy that.


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    Walt Meganzo says:

    How kind of you to translate into one of two of Canada’s official languages!


    “HONG KONG — About 300 protesters in black staged a sit-in outside the Ming Pao offices in support of press freedom. The demonstrators said they wore black to reflect their dismay at the paper’s recent decision to replace Kevin Lau Chun-to as chief editor. Those taking part in the sit-in at the Chai Wan offices were current and past staff, and pro- democracy lawmakers including the Civic Party’s Claudia Mo Man-ching, former Ming Pao publisher and ex-legal sector lawmaker Margaret Ng Oi-yee, commentator Ching Cheong and Hong Kong Journalists’ Association chairwoman Sham Yee-lan. They put up banners stating “Press and speech freedom are crucial to Hong Kong” …the new chief editor will be Chong Tien-siong, a known supporter of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). If this is true, Ming Pao will become the second mainstream newspaper in Hong Kong, after the South China Morning Post, to be run by pro-CCP chief editors. Hong Kong citizens believe this reflects the CCP’s internal power struggles, and long-standing attempts by the CCP to control Chinese-language media outside mainland China.”

    “Basic dictatorship” on track? Theoretically, when a CCP courier and/or a communiqué is intercepted, things will get interesting vis a vis the propaganda organs? Yes?

    Trust no one. Buy nothing.



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