04.02.2014 08:36 PM

Two pictures which say what the Toronto mayoralty is all about

Everything else is noise, basically. This is the ballot question.


[HT Sprout]


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    VC says:

    You are who you hang out with, after all.

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    Christian says:

    You should put that on a campaign poster. Shove it in the around 30% of voter’s faces who still think Ford is an “ok guy”. Ask them who’d they’d choose and make them think about what a choice for Ford says about their priorities and character. In effect shame them – they deserve no less.

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      Just askin' says:

      A lot of people legitimately believe in Rob Ford as wanting to save taxpayers’ money and to eliminate cronyism. Many people who have struggled with obesity, alcohol, drugs or whatever else have empathy for him because they have walked in those same shoes. Also, Rob Ford has outsider/rebel appeal. At this point, the anti-Rob Ford stuff is really being perceived as white noise by the majority of Torontonians. We’re over it, and continuing to beat that dead horse is not going to win the election for Olivia Chow or anyone else. The federal Tories are making a similar mistake with their remarkably ineffective anti-Trudeau TV spot.

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    Adam says:

    Wishful thinking for a supporter, and if that is indeed the ballot Q, it shouldn’t be close.

    However, I suspect it will be more complex. Ford got in because the public was fed up with special interests running the city and taxes and spending going through the roof.

    I believe that Ms. Chow, given her NDP past, will need to lay out real plans for keeping spending and taxes down. The Mel Lastman era is over and people still associate NDP people with David Miller types, like it or not.

    The good news is that some western NDP’ers have shown they can cut or keep taxes down AND balance the books. If Ms. Chow can somehow tap into that type of approach, she just might convince centrists and right-of-centre voters that she should be given a shot.

    I think the ideal ballot Q is: She is the better face for the city, is fiscally responsible AND won’t become a household name for all wrong reasons.

    My $0.02. You get what you pay for, etc.


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