04.25.2014 04:29 PM

Update on the email from the John Tory fan

Put the (now much-read) email up this morning, here. People said I should go to the cops, sue, etc. Instead, I figured I’d give the John Tory campaign an opportunity to respond to her claim that she was working in their campaign headquarters just last week. Maybe it wasn’t true, maybe she was a crank, etc. So I waited.

No response.

So then I wrote to Tom Allison, who is supposedly the top guy over there. On that Facebook message thing, I gave him the whole email and her name, contact info and so on. Here’s a screen cap of the Facebook exchange:

Kind of terse response from Tom, eh? In any event, he still hasn’t responded to last question, there, which I don’t think is an entirely unreasonable one: is she telling the truth or not when she says she’s worked in your campaign headquarters?

The silence suggests that Tom (a) is a busy guy, or (b) “S.J.” is indeed a Tory campaign worker, and they’re having a Tory-style meeting involving 15 people to agonize and dither about what to do.

Anyway, if they think I’m going to let this one go – well, they’re more out-of-touch than I thought.



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    Ridiculosity says:

    His response kinda reminds me of Clinton’s. “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”

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    sezme says:

    Also: was she telling the truth when she said, “If you continue to play your political games, I’m afraid you’re going to suffer some form of socio-political retribution, & even some well-orchestrated economic setbacks from your enemies”? She wasn’t directly threatening you as much as “warning” you, which I realize is the preferred tactic of thugs everywhere, whether or not they have backup.

    All in all though, I’d imagine she’s a crank with a grandiose sense of being in the inner circle, when in fact she’s a lone looney. Still, you’re right not to let it go, and it would be a hell of a lot more comforting if the Tory brain trust unequivocally disavowed not only knowledge of her but of the bile she’s spewing.

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    debs says:

    why should anyone let that one go, if anything you are doing them a favour by announcing it and asking them for a response. Others might have went right to the RCMP and the media and made another type of shitstorm to finish off this candidate. WK you were being incredibly considerate to allow them a response, they better have a good one. Say like we found the inappropriate staff member and kicked her ass to the curb, and give you a basketful of apologies and dinners out on the town.

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      Sam Gunsch says:

      re: WK you were being incredibly considerate to allow them a response,


      It’s really bloody annoying to see WK’s practices of this sort… hard to stay pissed off at some of his partisan shit.

      Sam Gunsch

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        Sam Gunsch says:

        That comment above was meant entirely in grudging admiration.
        In case it wasn’t obvious.

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    !o! says:

    They’re really kind of damned-if-they-do-damned-if-they-don’t on this one. . .

    They can acknowledge that they know the person, but have taken action, and take more fallout now, some fallout later, or they can obfuscate and roll the dice. . .

    I’m betting that they’re looking to see how much info is either public or likely to become public that S.J. is affiliated with them…

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    Pipes says:

    Ya man. Threatening your kids! I trust your instincts and always knowing the right thing to do, but man, I think I would get the police involved.

    I don’t suppose I can be any help to you, but you know where I am if you need me.

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    Bill Templeman says:

    Hmmmm…you know the political spin game far better than most of us, Warren. Would anyone at Sun News or other news outlets interested in journalistic freedom, free speech and all that idealist stuff be keen on making this email attack against you into a big deal?

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    Taki Samura says:

    You do realize that image obscuration can often be reversed with fairly straight forward Algorithms? e.g.:


    You should have contacted this person anonymously under a throwaway email and tried to suss her (him/they/it) out – tried to understand the nature and depth of her visciousness. Perhaps it is a Ford operation/plant? Killing two birds with one loon? If there is a deranged person out there, I would reiterate you have a responsiblity to call the proper authorities.

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      !o! says:

      In that case the algorithm he used to obscure his face didn’t decrease the entropy (complexity, information content, etc) of the relevant areas of the picture. All you had to do to retrieve the face was figure out the algorithm he used and reverse it, in the case of a whirl like that it’s very very easy.

      In this the entropy is lower, and the ‘algorithm’ is random (someone moving a blur brush back and forth). I doubt it’s possible to retrieve.

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    tf says:

    The writer of that email needs help immediately – whether her actions are proven criminal, she is definitely disturbed and I’m not sure if you can trust she will stop here.

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    Steve says:

    In my humble opinion…..

    If it was a Tory plot he/they will never admit it.

    It can be dismissed as an over zealous ‘fan’.

    If it was a plot what was the goal?

    I doubt they could believe a not so subtle email threat would silence you.

    That leaves trying to get you to over react. Get you off your game.

    But, I think another comment had it right when they wondered which skinhead penned this.

    Perhaps not a skinhead, but rather a disaffected ford racist who has always imagined an elite cabal holding her down.

    Now she hopes that cabal will save her from the Asian lady.

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      Warren says:

      I know who wrote it. I have her address and plenty more.

      She’s older, rich, and – as she says – an old friend and supporter of John Tory. She’s tight with his social circle. They all know who she is. She has indeed worked to help them, despite her living in Brampton.

      They’ve had several meetings, over there, to deal with the “Kinsella issue.” They have a bunch of trolls to respond to me on social media. They have spent money on it, and complained to editors – including mine at the Sun. They marketed that stupid Globe story this week (stupid because it has been public, tabled-in-the-legislature info for years; because not one news organization picked up on the “story;” and stupid because Tory made use of caucus funds regularly when he was leader). They’ve tried all kinds of shit.

      So did the Martinites before them, and plenty of others besides.

      To shut me up, I once told Paul Martin’s bag man, you’ll have to kill me. Various skinheads wanted to, too, over the years.

      But I’m still here!

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        Richard says:

        And for that last bit, Warren, we’re all very grateful. A true HOAG if e’er there were one!

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        Steve says:

        Thanks for the considered reply.

        I will differ to your experience and wisdom in such affairs.

        The still relevant take away I think would be not to let them knock you off your game.

        Further, if any of your offspring want to learn to cook they’ll always have a job in my kitchen.


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    Pat Mason says:

    I find it interesting you’re comparing apples to apples – Toryites to Martinites i.e. both corporatists? As we watch the temporary foreign worker debacle unfold and Jason Kenney backtracking as fast as his chubby little legs will carry him, the CEO of McDonalds getting canned after being caught out revealing he was well aware he was “disenfranchising” Canadian workers via constructive dismissal, remember, Paul Martin was the dude who ran his boats under flag of convenience so as to not have to hire Canadian workers. He is one of the original shites. Ships registered in FOC countries typically do not need to employ nationals from that country. Owners are free to hire the cheapest labour they can get. And they usually do. Basically, all these jackals would sell out the Canadian worker, the Canadian Nation itself if they can get away with it. That they are prepared to use the same tactics as skinheads is entirely unsurprising. Anyone that supports them is nothing less than a traitor. They are venal whores, mercenaries, completely amoral, who will do anything their big money pimp boss tells them.

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    debs says:

    ahhh she is a rich insider, guess they cant kick her to the curb, but yeah she should be muzzled. Perhaps she was on crack, lol, they should run with that, apparently its common for the wealthy politicians and their cabal to being staggering around drunk and fall over some handy crack and and a pipe:P

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