04.09.2014 07:36 AM

Why hasn’t Charles Sousa returned this family’s call? Why hasn’t John Baird helped them?

Imagine having four young kids, a professional wife who helps you run a school, and that you do a lot of charity work – raising money for orphanages and whatnot.  Imagine going to work, and then being attacked in your office by a bunch of thugs, and then thrown in the worst prison in the country.  Imagine being denied your heart meds and roughed up and denied even a chance to see your kids.  Imagine not being charged, and sleeping on a concrete floor for months.

This guy is a U of T grad.  The people below are his family.  They’re Canadians.

Why the Hell aren’t the Canadian and Ontario governments doing anything to help them out?


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    smelter rat says:

    Thank you.

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    Diane Shears says:

    Warren, my name is permanently sitting in “Leave a Reply”. Can you remove? Thanks.

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    Tom Saunders says:

    From your link:

    “Mr. Qazzaz is a permanent resident of Canada, but not a Canadian citizen. So the Canadian government can’t offer him the same type of consular assistance it is providing to Mohamed Fahmy, an Egyptian-Canadian journalist who has been jailed in Cairo since December on charges of aiding the Muslim Brotherhood.”

    Will have to be crowd sourced.

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    steve says:

    Injustice hurts everyone. Team Canada is in for a really rough time and we need everyone who wants to contribute.

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    e.a.f. says:

    Whether the man is a Canadian citizen or not, the Canadian government ought to assist with the problem. Of course they don’t do much for many Canadians caught in these types of situations. Biard is too busy trying to replace Harper.
    Even if the man is not a Canadian citizen, he most likely is a landed immigrant, and those children, most likely are Canadian citizens and they need their Dad back home with them. The Canadian government ought to be doing more for this family.

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