05.31.2014 09:47 AM

Adam Goldenberg reminds me a little of the neo-Nazis I used to interview

They dressed up bigotry and hate with lots of fancy words, as I recall. But it was still bigotry and hate.

Ignatieff’s one-time speechwriter isn’t in any way a far-Right lunatic, of course. But I won’t link to his recent error-ridden, appalling anti-Catholic op-ed in the Globe. For the same reason that I don’t, say, link to David Irving or Ernst Zundel’s stuff.

Oh, and Justin Trudeau? Great job there, pal, not “reopening the abortion debate.” You have instead opened the floodgates to the kind of ugliness that Goldenberg now spews in the Globe. Well done.





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    Al in Cranbrook says:

    While I don’t adhere to or practice any form of religion, I’ve nevertheless gone out of my way to read up on and understand it, and the history thereof, particularly regarding Christianity.

    What he (and so many others) fail to recognize, or acknowledge, is that the hierarchy of organized religion are duty bound to promulgate the tenets of their faith. Most, if not all, leaders within the various Christian sects believe they speak for God. And they believe, appropriately so within this context, that God is the highest authority, and thus supercedes the whims of mankind that He in the first place created. Thus, there is nothing improper whatsoever in the Church expressing its position on issues of the day, political or otherwise, but particularly on matters involving morality and conscience as they perceive them.

    Or IOW, that’s their job.

    And no doubt most in that role accept the reality, usually gracefully, that at times they will be criticized one way or the other. That goes with the job.

    This shouldn’t be a mystery to anyone, especially when considering that western civilization/democracies, but especially that born of British/French roots, is of its very essence predicated upon specifically Christian mores and values.

    All that said…

    What I do find disturbing, and increasingly so, is that, particularly within the MSM and some university campuses, it seems to be open season on Christianity, while at the same time criticism, even remotely approaching that leveled in their direction, of any other religious group is decried with all manner of indignation and self-righteousness, including even accusations of racism. Point being, all semblance of balance and rationale from those of whom we should expect as much, has gone right out the window.

    The reality is that western ideals of democracy, liberty and egalitarianism born of Christianity out of the fires, trials and tribulations of two millennia, and for all its flaws, remain the model to which much of the rest of the world aspires…much to the displeasure of dictators, tyrants, and oligarchies, whom see human kind as little more than slaves to their whims, and/or cannon fodder to advance their desires for empire.

    While it is (theoretically) possible to separate Church and State within the framework of legislatures, any division between the two amongst the citizenry who support both will always be more imagined than real. That’s just human nature.

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    Marc-Andre lookChiasson says:

    Warren. In my opinion, the following piece by Daniel Veniez best explains Justin’s position, a position I agree with by the way.

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    Joe says:

    Unfortunately bigotry is equal opportunity and is neither left nor right in its evil. Not long ago I read an article in a national newspaper that was so pro-gay/anti-Christian had its slant been reversed it would have been classed as hate speech.

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      Jon Adams says:

      Anti-Christian = Yes, bigotry.

      Pro-Gay =/= Yes, bigotry.

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    Bill Templeman says:

    Warren, I grant you that Goldenberg goes too far with his ‘wannabe ayatollahs’, slur, but overall, sorry, but I cannot find the bigotry and hate you inveigh against. Is not Goldenberg just saying that church and state should be kept separate? Isn’t that a good thing? What are Goldenberg’s errors?

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      domenico says:

      I must say that I also read the piece and did not find anything akin to bigotry. Overstated, possibly, but the conclusions that “no one has a right to remain a party’s candidate while refusing to support its positions” and the more general argument for a separation of church and state are on the money.

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    Nic Coivert says:

    I think you’re reacting with your shirt sleeve, not your head.

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    Pat Smith says:

    Justin Trudeau, a/k/a “basic dictatorship” a la China, HAS to take the Beijing line – as per the Martinite cadre, it is absolutely necessary to not offend the CCP (for whom gendercide is the expected norm) as one of their largest trading partners in the Internationalist program. Further, as the Trudeauite core base of support is the secular female, he is beholden to go after the type of women one finds on youtube militantly reading the “SCUM Manifesto” – for them, abortion is almost a rite of passage as they journey down the Revolutionary Road to perfect Maoism.

    The Catholic wing of the Conservative movement clings to its traditional teaching on abortion, condoms, and contraception etc. This might have made sense when women married at fourteen or fifteen, half of all infants didn’t survive, and plagues and famines were routine; but now, where people can barely afford one or two kids and must stay in school until mid-twenties or even later, and prostitution becomes necessary to prevent starvation?

    The William Colby line made sense fighting the Soviets in Italy and Poland. Unfortunately, the worldwide abuse scandal has severely damaged the Catholic brand. For the Church to flourish and remain a force to contain Communism a/k/a the Law of the Jungle, it should accept clerics marrying, contraception (which many Catholics are already practicing), and abortion especially in the case of rape and incest. There was a reason there was a Reformation – after all, Wycliffe, Luther, Hus et al. were all Catholics.

    Sadly, the majority of the Canadian people do not want to have the Canadian State in submission to Beijing or Rome. How many Catholics denounce gendercide but happily shop at Walmart? (who buy 80% of their products from China.) Follow the money. You can’t have Gulag-produced trade goods, open borders, unqualified multiculturalism and expect a stable, Catholic culture in Canada.

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    Stan Ridley says:

    Warren, it’s now obvious that the Butts-Trudeau strategy is to create a “generational war” using the pro-choice/life straw man issue.

    Liberals know they can’t win over the Baby Boomer and Lefty vote so they are catering to the wishes and fears of the under-40 voting cohort and in particular younger women… his preferred constituency.

    Justin’s Liberal party is trying to energize the younger adult vote because that’s the path to power for them, and here is Justin reiterating his pro-choice policy as a pro-woman position. Who can argue with that noble principle in our modern world!


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      Just askin' says:

      Women do not like having abortions and would prefer to have none. In Canada, a women’s legal right to have an abortion is not under attack, and Stephen Harper has been crystal clear that the CPC will not be reopening the debate. Trudeau and Butts seem to think young women are superficial and stupid, otherwise they would not have made this into an issue at all.

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        domenico says:

        But now it is an issue and the question is who does this help?

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    Just askin' says:

    * a woman’s

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