05.05.2014 11:51 AM

Advantage Horwath

To wit:

“Minutes earlier on the show, president Jerry Dias of Unifor, which represents autoworkers and others, said Horwath made a poor decision for a leader who let the last two Liberal budgets pass by touting gains she helped make for working people by pressing for shorter waits for home care and lower auto insurance rates, for example.”

Hudak likes to knock Wynne and Horwath for being the lackeys of “big union bosses.” Horwath now has a ready-made answer to that.

To wit: “Those so-called ‘big union bosses’ opposed the decision I made. I answer to the people, not them.”



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    BrianK says:

    It’s an answer that can be used by Wynne too…on Thursday Smokey Thomas was interviewed on cp24 and he called Wynne “the enemy”. Big labour seems to be divided on Horwath’s decision to oppose the budget.

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    BrianK says:

    Actually the comment was made on Friday, after Horwath announced her decision.

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    m5slib says:

    Seems like first few days of elxn have been about Andrea. If I read your past advice correctly, that’s never good for a challenger.

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    Matt says:

    Except Horwath didn’t decided to defeat the government because of the budget or its contents.

    She said she would join with the PC’s to bring the government down because she no longer trusted Wynne and the Liberals to follow through on their promises.

    She has not really said anything critical about the budget contents at all.

    Advantage Hudak. All he needs to do in the debates is ask her point blank whether or not she supported the budgets contents.

    POSSIBLE advantage Hudak part 2 – Unions divided. Some for Wynne, others for Horwath. MIGHT allow the PC’s to go up the middle and take a couple seats they wouldn’t normally have a shot at.

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    Corey says:

    She also got caught misleading on the radio this morning… not her best campaign day

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    Mark says:

    Seems the Amalgamated Transit Union agrees with Horwath’s assertion. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_I_ldzwvpcg

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    e.a.f. says:

    people ought to realize, unions are answerable to their members and politicians are answerable to the electorate. each has their own place and position and every political party, when they come to power, become the employer.
    Hudak will not make a good premier and Wayne needs to get with a new agenda. she has potential but to date hasn’t done much for the people of the province. she could start by declaring she wants rid of temporary foreign workers. if ontario needs more workers, they ought to come via landed immigrants.

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