05.01.2014 09:57 AM

Chow on Ford




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    M-J says:

    Link is borked, hoss

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    M-J says:


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    Brad Young says:

    I saw it, not really very impressive. She rambled on and didn’t really seem to answer the questions.

    Sorry, but if that’s being prepared for a press conference, she has to improve.

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    Mary Thompson says:

    Cold Turkeying the Social Denial

    Buried under the avalanche of Rob Ford headlines at the moment, is the disclosure that Peaches Geldof died of a heroin overdose, leaving behind two children – thus mirroring the tragic case of her own mother. Seymour Phillip Hoffman died in like manner leaving behind three children.

    What is disturbing and should be outrageous in all this reportage is that children are caught up in the vicious cycle of addiction. Self-evidently Rob Ford has proven he is unfit for public office anywhere – wisdom would say indefinitely. But far and away the most serious transgression of Rob Ford, the Ford family, indeed, much of Toronto and Canada is to never mention the manifestly unwholesome and debauched environment the Ford children, and by extension, all children are being exposed to.

    By definition, an addict is out of control; sadly, normal parental, familial, and social impulses have been subsumed in the raging storm of addiction; it therefore falls to the non-addicted to intervene to protect these unfortunates. The fact that this is rarely mentioned is a terrible indictment on Canadian society. Someone on Twitter writes; “He was a good mayor with a messy personal life.” This evidences the profound denial that exists out there. What if one of the Ford children ends up like Peaches Geldof? Addiction is often not a victimless crime. In fact, it is year after year of psychological abuse and trauma. In a truly healthy society, Rob Ford’s current state would be impossible; as he would not commit to serious penance, he would have been driven out of town long ago.

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    Matt says:

    I will preface this by saying I only saw a 30 second clip of Ms. Chow’s media event talking about Ford, but I gotta say, Tory’s response to the Ford news blew her out of the water.

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    Just askin' says:

    In this statement, the use of the word “sick” seems more like a euphemism for the word “pervert” than it does a synonym for the word “illness”. The overall tone communicates contempt rather than compassion, which conflicts with Olivia Chow’s presentation of herself as a grandmother. Most of us think of a grandmother as someone who is understanding, not accusatory.

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      Warren says:

      Thanks, accuser who won’t use their real name.

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