05.07.2014 01:12 AM

John Tory has a big speech this week. Watch this before he gives it. (updated)

UPDATE: Yes, indeed, lawyers attempted to get this video off YouTube. Didn’t work. It’s baaaack.



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    Matt says:

    The Toronto Sun had a story yesterday Tory was sued by Pollara Inc, a private Bay Street polling firm this past January for $46,000 in unpaid fees from his almost campaign for mayor in 2010.

    The total bill was over $71,000 and Tory only paid $25,000.

    Not surprisingly the lawsuit was settled sometime before Tory entered the current race.

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    Trevor says:

    Warren — you keep tweeting this. I am curious — are you willing to publicly claim that you had nothing at all to do with the making of the video (including consulting, paying for, strategizing, procuring, or anything of the sort)? If no, would you be willing to officially step down in all facets from Olivia Chow’s campaign if this were proven to be untrue?

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