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John Tory’s top secret strategy

His entire strategy – his entire plan – was this:

  1. Wait for Rob Ford to be thrown in jail.
  2. Wait for Rob Ford to be forced out of the race.

That’s it.

Well, here’s what is going to happen, after Mayor Crackhead returns from wherever it is he is:

  1. Rob Ford will be slimmer.
  2. Rob Ford will look a lot healthier.
  3. Rob Ford will sound more lucid than he’s sounded in years.

If he returns in June, one of his closest friends has told me, he risks falling off the wagon again.  If he returns in September, however, he will be a force to be reckoned with.  And that’s not guesswork. That’s what everyone’s research is showing.

You know my view: the antidote to a revitalized, surging Rob Ford is Olivia Chow.  It isn’t John Tory.  As the Star’s Royson James suggests this morning, Tory probably can’t beat Ford, now or later.  And here is just one of the many reasons why: Tory, as PC leader, did what he is doing now – he makes loads of promises, but he doesn’t tell anyone how he’ll pay for them. He doesn’t tell anyone how they’ll work. He doesn’t have specifics.

His judgment also stinks, but that’s a post for another day.


14 Responses to “John Tory’s top secret strategy”

  1. Matt says:

    If he returns in September he will no longer be Mayor Ford.

    Ifhe misses three consecutive council meetings he will be stripped of his mayoralship unless council votes to grant him a special exemption. Given a segment of council has spent the last three and a half years trying to get him removed from office, I doubt that would happen.

    I suppose whatever facility he’s at could let him out for a day to make an apperance at either the June or July meeting.

    • Matt says:

      Side note: Council meets today for the first time since Ford left for rehab.

      One of the items to be debated is a 2% pay hike for themselves. Anyone taking bets without Ford there they approve it?

    • Reality.Bites says:

      You believe he’s really in rehab somewhere?


    • Brammer says:

      I doubt the three misses rule applies when you are off on sick / rehab leave.

      If he comes back in September, he will be a serious contender to win again. He will be in a sweet spot with the screw-ups in the past, rehabilitation fresh in peoples minds, and just before the election.

      • Just askin' says:

        He can stay in rehab all summer, then come back strong for the part of the campaign that really counts. It’s a good strategy because it will be hard for other candidates to attack him while he is in rehab without looking like they’re kicking a guy when he’s down. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

  2. doconnor says:

    For a candidate that isn’t the front runner, that’s a pretty good strategy. Not a sure thing, but more likely to work then most strategies.

  3. smelter rat says:

    I wouldn’t count on him being alive in September, never mind rehab’d. He’s surrounded by way too many enablers.

  4. Matt says:

    Holy crap. Councillors Paula Fletcher and Janet Davis are showing just how pathetic they are.

    Toronto is selling some 1700 old street signs. Rob Ford signed 16 of them, apparently at the request of the people who bought them.

    Well, the confirmed Communist party member Fletcher didn’t like that. So she’s decided to introduce a motion at council today, seconded by Davis to prevent Ford from signing anymore claiming he’s defacing city property.

    Well, if they have already been sold, they aren’t city property anymore are they.

    This kind petty shit and wasting time will only increase Ford’s chances of getting re-elected.

    • Coelocanth_Jones says:

      He’s currently polling third in every poll considering he’ll still be on the ballot come October, so you can put your wishful thinking to bed at least until we see his face again

      • Matt says:

        Polling 7 months away from the election. Wow.

        Polling also said Dix would be BC premier and Smith would be premier in Alberta.

        • Coelocanth_Jones says:

          we’ll see how they change when he gets back from rehab, considering he remains in the race up to election day.

  5. [...] to how long Ford will be gone, his lawyer alluded to “weeks,” while others speculate that his return will come far later so as to avoid the possibility of a relapse before the October election. Can a rehabilitated Ford [...]

  6. e.a.f. says:

    28/30 day programs frequently don’t work. 2 or 3 month programs have a higher success rate, with at least a year of weekly follow up. If Rob Ford isn’t in the u.s.a. getting help, then he will most likely be somewhere else in perhaps B.C. where there is a private facility or some other place. He may well simply have gone to a private retreat and be treated there by a number of practioners. When he comes “back” he will indeed look a hell of a lot better and apologies to family, supporters, and citizens all round. Everybody loves it. He could actually win, unless a continued link can be made between him and his brother and him and Harper, neither of them likeable fellows. Of course if Hudak wins the provincial election, all bets are off, unless Hudak fucks up big time between election day provincially or municipal election day.

    Although there maybe rules regarding “attendance”, if he leaves for medical reasons and they broom him, nice human rights complaint all over it and it gets him votes.

    There maybe enablers, however, there are also those who need him to function and continue being mayor. Taking him out of circulation for 3 months is a very good strategy. No police following him, no videos, no public embarrassments. In 3 months people forget a lot of things. We have only to look at B.C. If for no other reason the B.C. lieberals ought to have been voted out of office on the basis of child poverty and incopetance. There are no jobs, none will be coming, except for TFW and the lieberals were re-elected. Chow has the best chance of beating Ford, but nothing is certain until, the votes are counted.

  7. Ken in Toronto says:

    Warren nailed it. He doesn’t need (and probably hasn’t gone to) rehab to retake the mayor’s chair. He can achieve all he needs in a gentle fat-farm close to a beach and a golf course. Less booze, real food, 9 holes a day, couple of laps in the pool, bed before midnight… and in 30 days he’ll be a (plausibly) changed man. And people will fall for it. And his campaign manager just needs to keep him on the wagon til the election, and take all his party-friends’ phones and cameras.

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