05.07.2014 01:11 PM

Laura Miller’s legal guy responds

I like it.  Hope it ruins your day, Ms. MacLeod.

“Today, Lisa MacLeod sent a letter to the OPP implying that Laura Miller was somehow involved in impropriety related to the cancelled gas plants.  Her allegations are false and defamatory. Ms. Macleod has a track record of such conduct. In a co-ordinated effort, her party then released the letter to the media. Ms. MacLeod and her party are not interested in the truth. Ms. MacLeod is a political opportunist who has no grasp of or interest in the facts. Her attack on Ms. Miller is nothing more than a ploy aimed at trying to right a sinking ship that is the PC election campaign. Had Ms. MacLeod’s party supported the budget, Ms. Miller would be testifying tomorrow and answering any questions posed by Ms. MacLeod.”



  1. Matt says:

    So what do you think MacLeod’s purpose for sending the letter to the OPP is?

    Was it just to keep the gas plant issue and everything surrounding it front and centre on the day the election campaign officially begins?

    Does she think she has something on Ms. Miller that was going to be brought out during her testimony at the committee hears that were stopped because of the election and she’s trying to goad Ms. Miller into suing?

    • Matt says:


      Should have been committee hearings.

    • Warren says:

      They’ve had a lousy campaign so far. Changing the channel.

      • michael says:

        I thought the PCs were focused like a laser on jobs. Apparently not.

        • davidray says:

          Smearing IS their job.

        • Matt says:


          Hudak said he would be focused on jobs, jobs, jobs.

          Having someone else from the PC’s talking about all the scandals under the Liberals, starting with the gas plants could be smart strategy. A one, two punch.

          But perhaps they could have found someone other than MacLeod, even though she is the PC’s energy critic.

  2. Steven says:

    MacLeod is part of the Tories’ Eastern Ontario “Duck Dynasty” stagnant pond ( Hillier, Poilievre et al.). It remains to be seen if they have any real impact elsewhere.

    It’s very early in the game, but my impression so far is that this election is about electorate crankiness and residual winter fatigue.

    Barring any serious gaffe, I expect there to be a relatively low voter turnout and for those who will bother to vote, it will be to either vote for the devil they know or just “throw the bums out”, regardless of campaign BS.

    • Matt says:

      When Ipsos does polling now the ask a question about actually going out to vote.

      It’s a category with the title of “Nothing short of a national emergency will prevent me from voting” (something along those lines I don’t remember the exact wording) and the results of that angle show the PC supporters more egar to actually vote.

    • ottawacon says:

      It is sort of bizarre how Nepean-Carleton, which really should be a fairly unassuming centre to centre-right riding demographically, has managed to elect arguably the most troglodyte Fed-prov pair of representatives in the country. I really cannot think of anywhere that tops it.

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