05.11.2014 10:06 AM




  1. debs says:

    she is gorgeous!

  2. MississaugaPeter says:

    At Mass today, I thanked the Big Guy for allowing my mom to be around for another Mother’s Day.

    I have tears in my eyes thinking how I would be devastated on a Mother’s Day without her.

    She is irreplaceable.

    I am fortunate in realizing this before it is too late.

  3. Sean says:

    Mothers are special. I lost mine several years ago and my dad prior to that. But the years we had together were special years, more special then I ever thought possible.

    Mom wasn’t a special status mom, just a stay at home mom who greeted me every day after school and asked me how my day went. She never had any letters behind her name, but in my mind there are no letters which could define how much she meant to me. Mom was fantastic, and I know exactly where she is. Happy mothers day mom !!!

  4. Ridiculosity says:

    The eyes. Windows to a talented soul.

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