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The Ontario PCs, and the loathsome Lisa MacLeod, just attacked my friend Pete Faist

…and my friend Laura Miller, too.

They want a war? It’s a war they’ll lose. They really, really don’t want me off the bench. I’ll fuck them up for free.

How about this? Know about any other PC candidates, campaign managers, etc. with run-ins with the law – like our law-and-order pal Yakabuski, below – that you care to share? Convictions, citations, warnings, speeding tickets, whatever: send them to me here and we’ll have some fun.

How did Yakabuski get allowed into the Legislature without a criminal record check, for instance?


Man pleads guilty to assault

The Ottawa Citizen
Thu Dec 8 1988
Page: B3
Section: Local – VALLEY
Byline: Carol Doran
Dateline: KILLALOE
KILLALOE – A 31-year-old Wilno man pleaded guilty here Wednesday to charges of assaulting a police officer and attempting to obstruct justice in connection with a car accident in Wilno last January.

John Yakabuski, who had earlier entered not guilty to the charges, reversed his plea just before his trial was scheduled to start at provincial court here.

He is scheduled for a pre-sentence hearing March 1.

Yakabuski is the manager of a family-owned hardware store in Barry’s Bay. He is a son of the late Paul Yakabuski, MPP of the former provincial riding of Renfrew South.

Four other related charges, to which Yakabuski had pleaded not guilty, were withdrawn by Assistant Crown Attorney John Pepper.

Pepper said all the charges resulted from a Jan. 25 incident in which Yakabuski was a passenger in a vehicle driven by 35-year-old David Afelskie.

Court was told the two men were returning home from an ice fishing expedition at Lake Clear in Sebastopol Township when the vehicle went out of control at about 5:55 p.m. on Church Street in Wilno.

The two men took a quantity of alcohol from the crashedvehicle and made their way to the home of Rose-Marie Kuiack, who lived across the street, Pepper said.

After police arrived, Yakabuski and Afelskie went by ambulance to Barry’s Bay hospital. During the trip, Yakabuski became unruly and had to be restrained by ambulance staff.

Yakabuski crawled under the ambulance to prevent the vehicle from proceeding to the hospital, and was eventually forced to the ground by police and ambulance staff, handcuffed and put in a police cruiser.

Defence lawyer Tom Edmonstone suggested Yakabuski may have suffered a brain injury during the accident which could have influenced his behavior that night.

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  1. Brant says:

    Assaulting a police officer and obstruct are pretty serious but any follow up on legal counsel’s theory of a brain injury?
    Seems to me both the attitude exhibited towards our uniformed constables and the diagnosis of brain injury warrant further explanation by the convicted man who may need ongoing intensive medical treatment.

  2. Marc says:

    These people don’t have “run-ins with the law”, they have “administrative disputes”.

  3. W the K - No, not Warren says:

    Randy Hillier…

  4. Liam says:

    You can get as indignant as you want, but still won’t stop ignorant people from voting for the Tim Hudak Conservatives. They still buy into the ‘Million Job’ and Gravy Train’ BS, so what are we going to REALLY be able to do about it?

  5. po'd says:

    Team Tim starring in a video that so unique it almost defies words.


    • MgS says:

      Is it just me, or does Hudak bear an unfortunate resemblance to Mr. Bean?

    • Jerry Shuster says:

      WTF is the Ontario Music Fund? Why should he respond to a trick question by some media stooge? He sounded okay to me.

      • MgS says:

        The honest answer would have been “we need to assess the program in the context of all of the government’s priorities”. Unfortunately, Hudak chose to try dodging the question and gave everybody who sees that the impression that he is going to try and lie his way out of difficult questions.

        Newsflash: Difficult questions aren’t unreasonable – he’s running to head up the province, and he should be able to give reasonable answers to questions regardless of whether he has a scripted response or not.

      • West Coast Jim says:

        Really Jerry? If you don’t know what the Ontario Music Fund is then perhaps you should not be parading your ignorance while supporting the Tories.

        Tim Hudak chose to kick his campaign off at a music studio that has survived, in a significant part, from public funding from both the Provincial and Federal Government.

        Tim Hudak CHOSE to be there. CHOSE the location. And he is unable to answer a question on the funding of Arts under his government.

        So let’s review. Tim Hudak wants to be Premier. He kicks his event off at a music studio that has been significantly funded by public funds. And you somehow think that asking the man who wants to be Premier about the funding of the Arts it is a ‘trick” question.

        tough to tell whether Tim’s performance or your defence is more pathetic.

    • Iris Mclean says:

      Now that was painful! What an obnoxious little man.

  6. e.a.f. says:

    now are you pissed because she attacked a friend or because she attacked the guy and would you be pissed if he wasn’t your friend? Just asking, I’m in B.C. and all those lieberals are sort of iffy to me, except of course the leader of the Ontario Liberals, quite like her. WE have provincial lieberals and they are not a swell group.
    its nice to have a blog to defend your friends, but its even better to have a blog and get your point across in an election. Absolutely laughed my self into next week with your discription of the other guy.

  7. Michael S says:

    Someone should look up Randy Hillier’s driving record.

    Just sayin’.

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