05.21.2014 08:50 AM

What works in a political TV spot, and what doesn’t

Here’s a few I happen to like, and which I happen to know, um, a little about. ¬†They’re not “negative” – they’re telling the truth about the public record of an opponent in an election, and that’s part of what democracy is all about.



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    Matt says:

    Which is why the PC’s NEED a two pronged “attack”

    Follow up th positive ads with more ads talking about Liberal scandal and waste. They don’t need to “attack” anyboby, just inform the electorate of the Liberals record and broken promises.

    Maybe even something as simple as a game of What that money could have bought.

    Name the spending scandal ie the gas plants, then the amount of money wasted, $1.1 Billion, and rattle off what could have been bought or done with that money to benefit all of Ontario.

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      MississaugaPeter says:

      The reason I am so pissed at the Liberals (and the Conservatives before them and the NDP before them and …) and us voters is because each one of these scandals is still costing us money and will increase indefinitely until the deficit is paid off.

      $1.1B that was wasted added $1.1B to the deficit. That $1.1B will not be paid off until the entire deficit is paid off. If it is not paid off for the next 20 years, and interest is at a rate of 3%, the cost of the $1.1B will be over $900M interest for a total of $2B.


      The youth on the Liberal campaign fail to realize that the massive deficits that the Liberals have incurred on top of the ones the Conservatives left them (the Liberals now have doubled the debt in 11 years) will mean that they will be paying off the debt for probably the rest of our lives!


      The nasty part is that over $10B of tax dollars this year and every year going forward is being used to pay the interest on the $289B accumulated Ontario debt, because we have allowed our politicians to be bad fiscal managers, or to buy our votes only for us and our children to be having to pay it off the rest of our lives with our hard-earned money (which comes from our many hours of work).

      Can you imagine how much infrastructure could be built with $10B every year?

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      david ray says:

      Really Matt.
      G20 1.2 billion wasted on Toronto when it cost 32 million in Pittsburgh the year before.
      could have bought 4000 homes at 250K anywhere outside the big cities.
      Lost 3.2 billion from border funds. another 12.000 homes.
      Tony Gazebo. 50 million.. enough for dental care for 5000 kids.
      F35 fiasco. God who even knows by now. say another 5000 homes
      Limos to India. 1.2 million. more dental care for kids.
      O J Oda. 16 dollars. Enough to pull the hat out of your ass.

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        Matt says:

        Ah yes David. Classic deflection.

        Last I checked, we’re discussing a provincial election in Ontario, not federal. And at least TRY to keep up will you?

        The “missing” $3.1 billion has long since been accounted for.

        The F35 purchase has been put on hold, while a new review of various fighters is conducted. The only money spent on it so far is the $150 Million the Liberals spent in the development program. And whether it’s the F35 or some other plane, the air force needs new jets.

        The Sikorski helicopters? If Chretien didn’t waste $500 million to cancel the deal when he took over, we’d have had new helicopters 20 years ago.

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          david ray says:

          The G20 waste happened IN Toronto. Last time I looked it was still in Ontario. It was the staged by Harper and his gang of goons and you damn well know it. If you can defend the most egregious assault on civil liberty this country has ever witnessed then you can go _)(*& your self.

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            Matt says:

            It was the McGUINTY LIBERALS that secretly passed a law expanding police powers for the G20 David, not Harper.

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    John Werry says:

    Warren, I am not worthy. You are a God. I saw this twice, saw it taken down twice. It is about time this one goes on the 6 O’Clock News, as I think it just *has*. The last person to get rid of, electorally speaking, is Harper. Bingo! Trifecta! (Of course If Hudak wins it is only a bi-fecta, daily double?) (Of course if Ford is actually in Rehab and comes out and is not arrested and wins then…).

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    Bobby says:

    Here’s one that works for me


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    Bill Sharpton says:

    Sir, question: how can “Conservative Party operatives hired lawyers to suppress the “hat trick” video”? Libel? SLAPPs? How do these people manage to post this video?

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    debs says:

    wouldnt it be nice if the politicians actually cared to help their citizens, these political ads(positive or negative) just make the whole process even more fake.

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    Paul Brennan says:

    Ontario is too big to fail…err they said that about Detroit…

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    Just askin' says:

    I would love to go fishing with Rob Ford and Stephen Harper. That would be so fun!

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    Matt says:

    Just saw a couple of the Liberal ads. One about Hudak, and one about Horwath and both were negative.

    What I found odd was that it was Wynne herself narrating them.

    I thought she claimed she wouldn’t go negative?

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