06.26.2014 10:16 PM

You don’t really see letters that change perceptions, anymore

Thus one does.



  1. Ty says:

    Good for her. The one that prompted it was disgusting.

    • Tired of it All says:

      Totally. Another over obsessed ‘with her hair and radiance’ BS piece for zero purpose. And the presumption behind it. Like she knows the inner workings of that couple. Tripe.

  2. debs says:

    smart lady, good for her for speaking out. I thought the peter mackay stuff was stupid and it seemed overwrought. So I hope she gets many letters telling her that not all canadians are mindless with what we see/read/hear in the media.

  3. Elisabeth Lindsay says:

    Hah! Don`t be messing with Nazanin`s family!!!

  4. que sera sera says:

    Meh, not so much.

    What would a pseudo-open letter from Frank McArdle read like? You know, Frank McArdle, husband of Beverly McLachlin, Canada’s Chief Justice?


  5. Reality.Bites says:

    Well at any rate it’s a step up from having his neighbour’s dog come to his defence.

  6. smelter rat says:

    She’s obviously the brains of the outfit, but perhaps she doth protest too much.

  7. Matt says:

    This whole thing is just more anti Conservative, manufactured outrage and “scandal” from the usual media suspects.

    Not more than a couple years ago the Toronto Star ran a big story detailing how more and more women were leaving the law profession to, wait for it, stay home with their children.

    • Nicole says:

      Read the Justicia project on the Law Society website. Women are not leaving the profession altogether, but merely private practice, because the law firm model is not very accommodating to raising a family for men or women. However, things are slowly changing. That said, there still has been no evidence from MacKay to confirm the actual number of women who have applied for judicial positions. A minimum ten years of practice is required to apply, which means that most women who can apply have older children (or none at all, as is still common in the profession) and have dealt with any child care issues by then.

      The McLaren letter was silly and distracts from the real issue. And responding to it was a mistake as well. Has Laureen Harper ever bothered to respond to her many critics? No because she shows class by staying out of the fray. Non elected spouses should all take that approach.

  8. Kaiser Helmets 'n Motorbikes says:

    The media (and its party) are dead, they just doesn’t know it yet. Other that the well informed WK readers, who watched the Ontario debate? Who is debating the Supreme Court’s incredible land claim revolution this morning, who cares about anything anymore? Let me alone and what’s on Netflix…

    The “open letter” that prompted this required response what pathetic. yet it represents what passes for journalist integrity in Canada in the second decade of the 21st century. How far we have fallen since my days in the media, when I delivered the news to people’s doorsteps, and they read it, cover to cover before heading off to work.

    • Kaspar Juul says:

      Paperboy a job in the media?

      That made my Friday

      • JH says:

        Media are their own worst enemies – this kind of stuff, plus the evident bias in many other stories (on all sides of the spectrum) just POs a good portion of their reader/viewership. Why do that when you are failing and complaining regularly about it?
        On a related matter I note that the main take on the CBC cuts seems to be the effect on local CBC outlets. That’s sure to get them a lot of public support, while top execs and ‘personalities’ continue to draw the big money. Yeah, right!
        Also noted on P&P recently that Soloman had to admit that indeed CBC Sports did hire TFW for some of it’s hockey coverage.
        Surely we have enough talent in Canada to manage without US imports for those jobs?

      • Lance says:

        Well, why not? That would be like saying a McDonald’s fry cook is a job in the restaurant industry. Or mail clerk a job in politics. 😉

      • Kaiser Helmets 'n Motorbikes says:

        Mr Juul, you must be utterly devoid of the capacity for self-deprecating sarcasm. What a bore you must be at social gatherings.

        • Kaspar Juul says:

          Ha, I doubt it we run in the same circles.

          Self deprecating sarcasm my ass. Is that like your hilarious union 1%er tirades last week?

          Those were hilarious

  9. socks clinton says:

    Nazanin Afshin-Jam is a former Miss Canada making her the ultimate trophy wife. I recall not so flattering remarks about Stockwell Day’s former Miss Canada daughter-in-law when she started raising a family.

  10. Joe says:

    IF we had honest reporting in this country the whole McKay cock up would read something like, “Lawyers hate Conservatives” or “Lawyers want to get rid of Conservative Government”. The rest of it is just media partisans being partisan. Thanks to this letter both lawyers and media look silly, petty, downright ugly and a terminal blight on civil discourse.

    • Kaspar Juul says:

      “IF we had honest reporting in this country the whole McKay cock up would read something like, “Lawyers hate Conservatives” or “Lawyers want to get rid of Conservative Government”.”

      Uh no that is a perfect example of partisan bias and some of the worst writing ever. That comment makes you look silly, downright ugly and a terminal blight on civil discourse.

      Just to paraphrase.

      • Joe says:

        Well when the media actually comes up with an attributable quote of Peter McKay then what you write could be correct. However since the lawyers won’t give any evidence to the media in this matter and yet the media continues to run their smear my post stands on its own merit. Kinda reminds me of the old spaghetti western with the all too willing lynch mob howling for blood over baseless accusations. In civilized circles we actually look for evidence before we convict. In this case there is no evidence.

  11. Jeff J says:

    Mrs. MacKay versus scumbag lawyers and maggot media…. and the winner is….!!!!!

  12. Steve T says:

    Facts? You think they are going to let facts stand in the way of a good story? What do you think they have – integrity? Honesty? Impartiality?

    You probably thought I was talking about the media, but the same could be said for the scumbag coward lawyers who leaked just enough to get the media in a frenzy, but didn’t want to be bothered supporting it with – you know – facts.

  13. smelter rat says:

    It was a pretty good letter all right. Wonder who wrote it?

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