07.02.2014 02:24 PM

Hey, I have almost as many Twitter followers as Rob Ford has excuses

Somewhere North of 16,000. Justins Trudeau and Bieber, watch out!





  1. Ron says:

    Hizonner is a nouveau riche high school bully who never grew up just like he was before rehab.

    There is no cure.

  2. Reality.Bites says:

    You could NEVER have that many followers. Not even if everyone on twitter followed you. Twice

  3. TrueNorthist says:

    Ford will now use the “I have a disease” shtick to explain away everything he has ever done. That is all he got from club-rehab, a whole bunch of legitimate sounding words he can abuse to desperately cling to power. Instead of owning his bad behaviour he simply uses the excuse of addiction in an effort to whitewash his bigotry and shut down any difficult lines of questioning. Disgusting and disgraceful.

    Power is the worst thing an addict like Ford can ever have, because he will simply abuse it over and over again, until there is none left. He will never stop abusing anything he lays his greedy, sweaty hands on.

    • TrueNorthist says:

      I am still watching the Drummond interview on The National and what strikes me the most is For’s blatant and combative evasion and complete lack of personal accountability. His is not the behaviour of a truly repentant man, rather that of a conniving and manipulative abuser desperate to hang on to power.

      • davidray says:

        too late my fellow Warrenistas. Shirtless Joe from East York just got up in Mayor Crackhead’s grill and called him out in public doing to the Fords what the powers that be should have done long ago. I think ole Robbie was afraid Joe was gonna punch him out. What a coward.

        • davidray says:

          oops. forgot to include the video of shirtless Joe in case you missed it.


          in one minute this guy rendered moot every previous media attempt at cornering the Fords and right on cue DOFO put his fat foot in his mouth trying to portray this teacher as a lefty plant and oh, check out how afraid the loyal fartcatchers were of a shirtless guy who was as big and mean looking as any of them. And the look on Doug Ford’s fat face.. priceless.

  4. John Daly says:

    An afterthought: I thought the guy who interviewed Ford was a complete “dick”. It must dishearten journalists to have their profession so dumbed down. There were really no good questions. Hell, I guess Ford would likely not recognize a good question if one were asked, but the endless needling to get him to use the words “crack cocaine” are an insult to a watcher/listener. The better part of the interview had the fellow asking Ford why he didn’t take this time to get well and retreat to the safety of kith and kin. Unfortunately there does not seem to be much safety within the Ford clan. Ford will very likely relapse in short order. That’s just a statistical hard reality. If he persists in this sad venture (his pursuit of the mayoralty) then hopefully (and sooner than later) it will become clear the citizens of Toronto have seen enough.

    • TrueNorthist says:

      You are probably the only one outside of Ford Nayshun who saw the interview in that light. Had you taken an impartial view you would have seen an evasive and pathological liar in action. Ford controlled where the questions went and the interviewer did a fine job pushing his buttons, which is what reporters do you know. Spend too much time watching the propaganda at Sun News and your objectivity goes out the window.

  5. George says:

    Warren, you are far more interesting than JT or the Beebs.

  6. SD says:

    Tough choice for PM: Kinsella, Trudeau, or Bieber. Hmm.

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