07.23.2014 06:39 AM

On plane to Regina, Daughter and NAIG 2014

It could be just me, but I get the sense that Air Canada isn’t happy until I’m not happy.

(Old one, but good one.)


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    Patrice Boivin says:

    Last March we flew from Halifax –> Pearson –> Atlanta –> San Antonio. A mix of AC and Delta Airlines.

    Returning from the US it took 3 hours to go from one Pearson terminal to the other, we missed our AC flights as a result. Party of 8 people, a few managed to buy new flights to Ottawa, my family ended up spending 26 hours at Pearson, didn’t see a single staff person there the whole time we were there. It cost us thousands of dollars in total.

    We vowed we would never set foot in Pearson again if we could help it. My mother mentioned that Mirabel was lower cost than Pearson, but somehow all flights started getting rerouted through Pearson, then Mirabel was shut down. I suspect shenanigans at play, someone made money on the backs of thousands of travelers (and tax dollars, at one point she said public servants were “encouraged” to fly through Pearson).

    Last week we went back to San Antonio, instead did Halifax –> NY –> Atlanta –> San Antonio on Delta Airlines. No Pearson. Our last flight back from NY –> Halifax was delayed but our experience was much better this time.

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      Justin says:

      Mirabel was poorly planned and too far from Montreal to make it viable, coupled with the fact that the Economic centre started to shift away from Quebec to Ontario, the need for two airports in Montreal became unsustainable.

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    Pipes says:


    For your travelling entertainment.

    Good luck EM at NAIG

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    MississaugaPeter says:

    That’s because you are not Super Elite. Once you hit that plateau, you NEVER have a bad experience with Air Canada. For every unhappy story you provide I could give you two happy ones. Air Canada is the best!


    There is no better flying experience than being Air Canada Super Elite (now Altitude 100K). I did a mileage run one year to Heathrow on December 30, to continue the status the following year. Took plane to Heathrow (got bumped (okay, upgraded) to first class since space up there). Flight was hours late because of weather/deicing at Pearson. Other connecting passengers had to share Air Canada staff when they got off the plane. I was greeted by my own personal Concierge who took me through the airport corridors expeditiously so I would make it on my return flight back to Pearson on time. I was again bumped up to First Class on the return trip. Air Canada is the best!

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      terence Quinn says:

      You have it right MP. I am an AC altitude 100K or a 2MMSE on way to 3MM. The people who have issues with AC are conditioned to do so. AC has been around so long they have become a whipping boy. I was in Edmonton airport a few hours ago and there were 2 wet jet flights seriously delayed while all AC flights were on time. Shit happens to all airlines at times. AC just won the award for best NA airline for the 5th year in a row.

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    Kelly says:

    I fly about 10 times a year for work and vacation. Maybe 1/2 air Canada 1/4 WestJet and 1/4 Delta (No more United — I hate O’Hare) and I can’t think of a single incident in the last 3 years where I had difficulties with Air Canada. Every other time something goes wrong with WestJest (I mean Jet … Freudian slip?) and every single time I fly Delta something goes wrong — delays, last minute gate changes, check in kiosks down, baggage missed, you name it.

    Maybe I don’t fly enough. Maybe the Air Canada flight staff like the way I look…I don’t know. All in all though basic coach service on all airlines is pretty bad these days. Long term it has no future. If oil hits $150 a barrel again — and it will — air travel for the masses is finished.

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