08.07.2014 02:14 PM

Byline: Brian Lilley and I square off on Trudeau and that mosque visit



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    david ray says:

    Well played Sir, well played.

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    Jill Tailor says:

    The Real World

    “If I had not bolted from my family, if I had married the man my father had contracted me to, I would now be living in the Canadian equivalent of Sahra’s immigrant neighbourhood…conditioned to live in a prison within a society that is free” – Ayann Hirsi Ali

    The populist Sun News is under fire. For example, one headline in a “real” news outlet ran: “Jonathan Kay: Sun News’ cynical attacks on Justin Trudeau have crossed the line into anti-Muslim hysteria.” While not a devote of Sun News, the questions posed were standard journalistic yes or nos: “Have you ever been to al-Sunnah al-Nabawiah mosque on Hutchinson Street in your riding?” After ducking and weaving a bit about, “hearing from people’s concerns and understanding the various issues facing various people is an important part of being a strong representative to speak to all Canadians on issues that bind us together.” Trudeau then sort of admitted that, “Oh, I think I’ve probably been to every single different mosque in my riding.”

    The best response would have been plain “no” – he shouldn’t have darkened the door – but Trudeau was caught out by having referenced it another speech, which leaves only a plain “yes” despite the thought terminating padding. Sun News went on: “Are you aware that it was listed by the US Government as an al Qaeda recruitment centre?” Again diversionary tactics: “I know a number of people who have been listed by the US Government on a no-fly list, and we in Canada have our own determinations for those sorts of things because the US is known to make mistakes from time to time.” Not talking about airplanes or individuals. This mosque was among a mere dozen or so of the most problematic al Queda recruitment centres in the whole world. Mind, this visit was a full ten years after 9/11 – only somebody living under a rock, let along one seeking to be Prime Minister, could not have known that the ultra-fundamentalist Wahhabi sect was a breeding ground for terrorists in the same way the Aryan nations’ “religion” is. In July 2013, i.e. only last year, European Parliament identified the Wahhabi movement as “the source of global terrorism and a threat to traditional and diverse Muslim cultures of the whole world” i.e. the problem only got worse. Trudeau, as a celebrity, must share a percentage of the blame for this legitimization process.

    One intuits that Trudeau’s, as the saying goes, heart is in the right place, but he lacks understanding. A Most Wanted Man, a film adaptation of John LeCarre’s book, is playing in cinemas now. The main character (played by Phillip Seymour Hoffman), a German spy, confronts an idealistic young lawyer working for a pro-immigrant NGO during interrogation: “You’re a fucking social worker for terrorists! You’ve crossed a line, you’re on they’re side now.” Will Team Trudeau be found on the wrong side of a line? Most immigrants, most Muslims, are not rotten. But some are. Herein lies the problem. Like A Most Wanted Man, set in Hamburg, the city where the 9/11 attacks were masterminded, the mosque’s former Imam and current Guantanamo inmate, Mohamedou Ould Salahi, was the leader of the Canadian-based Al Qaeda cell and arrived in Montreal from Germany. He left Canada after police began to question him about ties to Ahmed Ressam, the so-called ‘Millennium Bomber.’ This is all open intelligence that Jonathon Kay obviously refuses to look at: “But if there is any evidence that the place has been connected to terrorism over the last 15 years, I’m yet to see it.” What does it mean when Sun News exceeds the journalism of a major propaganda organ? It means the willful blindness of the liberal elite in Canada is at chronic and pathological levels.

    If Trudeau wants to thumb his nose at the Americans, there are less potentially dangerous ways. Cartoons? Burning the Stars and Stripes a la any good Islamist protest? But the core question that lurks in the whole Trudeauite movement is why the core platform is thumbing their nose at the Americans. If Vladimir Putin decides to lay claim to the Canadian Arctic and starts slaughtering Inuit people like he is Ukrainians and Malaysian airline passengers, does Justin Trudeau really think he can go it alone? Will his beloved Chinese “basic dictatorship” stop the Russians? The EU? Wrong. If push comes to shove, this small nation, composed of tiny nations, will have no choice but to depend on America for support as our military was gutted long ago; or else become a protectorate of Russia (no friend of Muslims); or worst, an enemy of China, Russia and America for harbouring terrorists – which would make a convenient pretext for invasion.

    Propagandists write things like: “If al-Sunnah al-Nabawiah mosque contains a single congregant who lies afoul of Canada’s anti-terrorism laws, send in the cops. Better yet, send in CSIS undercover agents to penetrate the would-be conspirators and keep our country safe.” Spies, like Hoffman’s German Günther say: “It takes a minnow to catch a barracuda and a barracuda to catch a shark.” Perhaps operatives have already identified the minnows in the to al-Sunnah mosque? Perhaps the minnows have led to barracudas – bankers, lawyers, professors, maybe even an MP or two? Perhaps the barracudas suggest a vast conspiracy where Islamist cadres are utilized to do the dirty deeds of certain powers? How exactly does Kay know what he knows?

    Used to be, “follow the money” was axiomatic for journalists. Even the generally pro-business Conservatives realize there is a limit to everything e.g. Harper’s office, weighing sanctions against Russia, said that Ottawa will “not allow business interests alone to dictate our foreign policy.” Sadly, the Liberal’s old formula of total moral relativity continues e.g. the Sudan crisis. Maurice Vellacott, MP, disclosed the Canadian Pension Plan had invested in Talisman Energy, a key player in Sudan: “Now most Canadians have blood on their hands thanks to the Finance Minister.” (This was Paul Martin who later became Prime Minister after launching a bloodless coup d’état within the Liberal Party to oust Jean Chretien; Martin praised dictator and Arab supremacist Momar Gaddafi as “a philosophical man with a sense of history’’; Gaddafi was the mastermind behind the downing of Lockerbie 103 – the dark logic.) “Andrew Natsios, U.S. Special Envoy Humanitarian Assistance said, “‘Such crimes (as the Russian pogrom of 1903) are being committed today by the Government of Sudan, which is waging a war against that country’s traditionalist and Christian peoples. Some 2 million Sudanese have lost their lives; 4 million more have lost their homes… Aid agencies report that food assistance is sometimes distributed only to those willing to undergo conversion to Islam.'” (Human Rights Watch). Most of South Sudan is under Shari’a Law. The next time a teacher or social worker harangues about Islamophobia, consider their pension funds the rape, murder and genocide of Christians and animists by Islamist fanatics. The whole delusional, hand-wringing narrative of evil Americans and Harperites vs. lily white Liberals and innocent Muslims is a total lie.

    The values of al-Queda, ISIL, et al. – hacking off women’s clitorises, executing gays, burning churches – are presumably not Trudeau’s “Canadian values, of respect, openness, compassion.” This is why as the darkest of clouds form on the geopolitical horizons, due diligence, background checks, bona fides, not to mention being basically informed are back in vogue. This is the real world. Perhaps the Trudeauites should join it lest they find themselves under further interrogation. Kay writes: “It’s a mosque, not a prison — even if the folks at Sun don’t see much of a distinction” – in fact, there is no distinction. A prison of the mind, thought control, brainwashing, mental slavery, a/k/a a cult, is the worst kind of prison where the inmates no longer even require bars or walls to be contained. (See beginning quote.)

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      Kaspar Juul says:

      Is there a course being offered somewhere where part of your passing grade is to post a rambling and incoherent rant on this site?

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      smelter rat says:

      All I heard was blah, blah, blah…….

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      Ron says:


      There’s 6 minutes I’ll never get back.

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      Brian says:

      Dear God, it’s Rob Ford and he’s on crack again…

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    TrueNorthist says:

    It is fun to watch you turn the tables on folks like Lilley who are trying to sand-bag JT in a … well, lets just say in a rather desperate and sneaky way. And on his own show no less! Immediately, you pretty much negated all of his prepared gotcha lines and reversed the roles of the interview. I know there are many so-cons rabidly squealing about this manufactured “issue” and whether they are aware or not they are doing more damage to themselves then to Mr Trudeau. Once again the CPC comes off looking mean, angry and worst of all, desperate. It really does look like the cool heads that ran past victories have been replaced by a bunch of zealots who have no idea what Canadians really care about. Probably a room full of Trinity Western “lawyers” and poli-sci grads.

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      Ronald O'Dowd says:


      Let’s just say Doug Finley and James Flaherty are a terrible loss for Harper and the CPC and leave it at that.

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    BUGSY says:

    Man, is fox news and their dumbed down interviewers such as Brian Lilly out to lunch. Why ask the questions interrupt and give an answer to his own questions.

    I believe a grade 3 student in school would do a better job then those misfit with fox news. It is no wonder that anyone with an IQ of less then 25 ever watch fox news.

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      Kaspar Juul says:

      Dude, that’s Sun News. Back to Grade Two for you

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        smelter rat says:


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    Matt says:

    My take, not that anyone would or should care as opinions are like assholes – everybody has one:

    Could Trudeau have known that mosque was a recruiting ground for al-queda? No, as he spoke there a month before documents stating so were written.

    HOWEVER, he should have known that particular mosque followed and still follows the Wahabi branch of Islam which supports sharia law, female genital mutilation, killing people who don’t follow Islam ect.

    And he has on at least two occasions spoken very proudly about his visit to that mosque since the al-queda recruitment allegations were made public.

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    davie says:

    That family still hasn’t answered satisfactorily for Pierre Elliot driving that canoe to communistic Cuba…

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      davie says:

      …I’ll just add, I think we do have a problem with people in this government suing government sources of info, like from the federal police and federal security services, for partisan politicking..

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    Ron says:

    I’m not surprised that Sun feels the need to display the channels they want to use to assimilate you.

    Once there resistance is futile.

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    tf says:

    How can the station possibly get away with the bottom-of-the-screen text that says “Trudeau Flirts with Radical Islam” during your interview?
    That is dissembling propaganda worthy of the worst propaganda tactics.
    Disappointing to see in the 21st century!

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