09.23.2014 10:18 AM

A visual representation of what will happen in tonight’s mayoralty debate



  1. Matt says:

    Is your switch to the dark side now complete?


  2. Matt says:

    New Nanos just released:

    Tory 49%
    Ford 27%
    Chow 24%

    Tory waaaaaaaay out front in the “Best to represent Toronto” and ” Likeability” categories.

    Chow dropped 6 points in “Best to represent Toronto” since labour day.

    Chow leading in the old City of Toronto, Ford leading Etobicoke, Tory leading everywhere else.

    Nanos thinks if Tory has a screw up, Chow would benefit as she is way ahead of Doug in “likeability”

  3. dillon says:

    Warren please tear him apart NOW. This kind of candy ass who has never accomplished anything and says whatever he thinks the listener wants to hear needs to be exposed. Please.

  4. Liam Young says:

    How does Tory lose so many elections and continue to come back? Have Torontonians forgotten this simple fact? He’s been on the wrong side of so many issues, and yet he just doesn’t go away.
    I do not understand how this guy has any credibility. What. So. Ever.
    If he wins, we’ll know that the democracy is the dollar, and we’re all captive to it.

    • Lavar says:

      Credibility is referential and comparative. The public wants to see the best of themselves reflected in their leaders, and generally only punishes politicians once that reflection because a little too close to home.

      The public understands the role of the politician differently from those involved in politics. The very things that make Tory a complete failure of a politician – his inability to win, to coalesce support, work well with others, to present a coherent agenda, to be consistent, to not give up and stay home – are his most endearing qualities.

      Some people are underdogs because the deck is stacked against them. Others are underdogs because they stack their own decks. Tory’s an underdog because he consistently shows up to the blackjack table ready for roulette, and he doesn’t even need to be in the casino in the first place. Someone who has failed so consistently, so frequently must be above ego, legacy and hubris.

      John Tory probably can’t even decide what he wants to for lunch. In some respects, that makes him the ultimate reflection of Toronto residents, Toronto council, and politics in the city in general.

    • aggo2002 says:

      If John Tory loses this election, he should be put in a potato sack and dumped in the Don River.

    • Just Askin' says:

      Sons of privilege get handouts unlike people of regular stature. Have you seen the 360 degree view of his life story?


  5. socks clinton says:

    Squeal like a pig! (Deliverance)

    Thank you sir, give me another. (Animal House)

  6. Pipes says:

    How was an idiot to pose for that photograph and it tells me how dully honed his critical faculty is. He should go back to Downton Abbey where his people will truly understand him and he will feel more comfortable.

  7. Bill From Willowdale says:

    I am interested in seeing how Doug Ford does tonight. He played “bad cop” for his brother for so long, I can’t see him being anything else. He comes off as a very unpleasant person who turns on some charm only if required. I wonder what Doug Ford we will see for the next 30+ days?

  8. William says:

    Looks like you got it right, Tory almost looked amateurish.

  9. doconnor says:

    Doug non-answer on attending the Pride Parade may hurt him, because giving non-answers is what politicians do and was one of the things that separated Rob Ford from other politicians.

  10. dillon says:

    The Parachute ! Perfect name for Tory.

  11. John Werry says:

    In the debate maybe but the more Doug ford says on the TV and other media, the more votes he will scare toward John Tory. I am moving to Mississauga. Tory may surprise, I doubt it, but he may.

  12. Matt says:

    After last night’s debate where John Tory couldn’t answer which committee handles purshasing or how many standing committees there are at City Hall, Doug Ford declares September 26th “Take Jont Tory to work day”


    In response, John Tory’s campaign co-chair tweeted the following:

    October 27th….Take out the trash day… polls open from 9 am to 9pm #TOpoli

    — bob richardson (@bobredelmn) September 24, 2014

    Problem – Polls are open 10:00am to 8:00pm.

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