09.23.2014 08:05 AM

As of today, all of my children are teenagers

Have mercy on me.




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    MississaugaPeter says:

    I, too, experienced 4 teenagers at the same time. 2 still are.

    Words of advice: The worrying never ends. Don’t expect them to believe too much of what you say.

    The first 3, the jump from high school to 1st year university away from home resulted in significantly less communication with parents, but after 1st year, communication increased significantly. By 4th year (first 2), they even started to genuinely listen and believe what their parents said.

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    Reality.Bites says:

    As of today, all of your children will think you’re a doofus. 😉

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    John Werry says:

    I am 52, my only child is 32. She has two children. I miss her teenage self, how she went from following every rule until she was mature enough at 16 to follow her own and thrive (she did not move out at 16). I am not as mature as she is so I really miss the teenager. Yes I became a “Dufus” (above in “Reality .Bites comment) when she turned 19 getting kicked out of the room when her favourite TV show was on. She became a Human again at 25. A very mature, loving maternal thoughtful person of whom I am in awe. From my experience working with children and from my Nephews and Neices antics I feel for you Warren, I got off easy. Just breath slowly…

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    Rob says:

    I taught junior high for 30 yrs; retired 2 yrs ago. Luckily for us, teens treat their teachers way better than they treat their parents. And I should know. Have 2 kids who are well into their 20’s now and turned out just fine.

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