09.10.2014 09:28 PM

Dear #TOpoli: tonight you were a sewer of hate

It was really, really bad.

My reaction:




  1. Joe says:

    My dear wife recently battled cancer and following surgery, chemo radiation and has for the last little while been declared cancer non-recurrent so I can sympathize with Rob and his family even though his tumor has not been determined cancerous. I would never vote for Ford if I lived in Toronto but from Alberta I fully support him as Toronto’s mayor. I haven’t had such good fun since Mel Lastman.

    However I truly hope that his tumor is benign and that benign or not he has a full and speedy recovery.

  2. Matt says:

    While we wait for more information hoping for the best, there is something we should all be taking from this story.

    When your body is sending you warning signs something isn’t right, don’t ignore them. Go to the doctor.

    • Lynn says:

      Good advice. Catching things sooner makes a big difference in many illnesses. I have seen too many people ignore things until treatment becomes very complex or sadly, impossible. Men of a certain age, we are looking at you.

  3. Bob says:

    Sadly expecting polite and reasonable discussion from Twitter is on par with expecting it from our Southern Republican neighbors. It’s just not gonna happen. Mute and block or beautiful tools.

  4. Lance says:

    Other than WK for being appropriately and graciously stoic about this, awaiting the collective sympathy for Rob Ford in 3…..2…..1…….

    • Lance says:

      I hope like hell to be proven wrong, but after reading some of the comments sections of news articles regarding this story, I’m just disgusted by the utter inhumanity of some (no, a LOT) of our fellow travelers.

      Politics shouldn’t matter at a time like this. But to some people, it seems it matters that much.

      • Matt says:

        The “progressives” keep telling us they are far more compassionate and caring than conservatives.

        But in situations like this, it becomes clear, for the most part, that compassion and caring is reserved strictly for their fellow progressives.

        Mr. Kinsella and Ms. Chow are unfortunately in a very small minority.

  5. JH says:

    It’s just not twitter – some of the dandy lions of journalism showed what crappy people they really are as well. They’re like hyenas when they smell blood. It’s all about the gotcha, not reporting the story. Sadly a once proud profession, filled with giants has been reduced for the most part to a bunch of vicious nobodys.

    • Matt says:

      And watching the press conference last night, aside fro the media acting like a pack of vultures circling the carcass of Rob Ford, some barely able to mask their excitement he may finally be out of the race for mayor, it would appear the art of LISTENING is no longer taught in journalism school.

      The same question was asked at least 8 times by 8 different “reporters”.

  6. TrueNorthist says:

    It must be said that more than anyone, Mr Ford walks in the world he creates. I am unaware of another politician who so carefully cultivates hatred and division, so it should come as no surprise that so many openly despise him. We reap what we sow and Mr Ford harvests an ample crop of acrimony and distemper. There are so many bitter metaphors to describe the man I have trouble selecting just one. Save it to say I have no sympathy for him as he has never given me a reason to feel anything but repulsed. He has gone out of his way to rub everyone’s nose in his shit, so why should I even care if he is ill. The most he can ever hope to get from me is nothing.

  7. Matt says:

    The CBC should be ashamed of themselves.

    After the press conference, Evan Solomon breathlessly reported the doctor who spoke tried to start a grass roots PC campaign to oust John Tory as leader of the Ontario PC’s several years ago “and now John Tory is beating Rob Ford to be Toronto’s next mayor. We’ll stay on this latest development!”

    What the fuck does that have to do with Ford’s diagnosis of an abdominal tumour?

    Something tells me they didn’t assign a team to investigate the political history of any of Layton’s doctors.

  8. davidray says:

    Rob Ford has two tumors. One we hope is curable and the other is named Doug.

    • TrueNorthist says:

      So Doug calls a press conference to tell all the reporters — who he just asked to be present — to leave them alone? Normal people would have waited for conformation that their family member is actually sick and avoid making a show of things, but Ford’s first instinct is to play it up to the max, standing there looking all sad and sombre for the cameras. Then he runs out in front of still more cameras and microphones outside to repeat the farce. And they wonder why folks think this is simply yet another shameless attempt to swindle a few more votes?

      If his brother does turn out to be genuinely sick, is it really such a surprise to anyone? Rob Ford has spent his entire adult life abusing his body, as well as everyone and everything around him. Frankly I am surprised he is still alive after all the booze, drugs and reckless living.

      • Matt says:

        Because had Ford missed/cancelled a few appearances or if a patient saw Rob in the hospital and it got to the media, they would put their wild speculation machines into overdrive as to why he was there – Is he drinking again? Is he back doing drugs?

        They HAD to do that hastily arranged press conference.

    • socks clinton says:

      You’re a pus-filled boil on someone’s bum ready to be lanced.

  9. Ridiculosity says:

    We have all lost friends and family to cancer.

    From a political, ethical and moral standpoint the Big C is a NO-GO ZONE.

    End of story.

  10. Jacob says:

    I’m trying to be respectful towards him, and I haven’t wished any ill on him.

    But at the same time it’s hard feeling sympathy towards someone who says stuff like “if cyclists die it’s their own fault.”

    • Michael Bluth says:

      Clearly not trying very hard to be respectful. Kinda like those people who say the rudest things and start of with the “Not to be rude, but”….

      Today is not the day for attacks on the man.

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