09.30.2014 07:51 AM

Look down: an example of brilliant advertising



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    Ron says:

    They tread heavily but they speak the truth.

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    Bruce A says:

    Occasionally there is truth in advertising and this is an excellent example of it.

    Going off topic here but a relative of mine was wearing a T-shirt that reads, “I don’t need the Internet. My wife knows everything”!

    Now that’s really true!

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    MCBellecourt says:

    There should be no homeless youth. And most certainly, no homeless children living with homeless parents. But who speaks for older workers who are too old to hire (in many employers’ eyes) and too young to retire?

    Advocacy for those aged 50+, in all scenarios, is being forgotten.

    The sign would have struck a spark in me if the word “youth” was replaced with the word “Person”, because we are all human beings and we all have the same basic needs. I will give it points for its design, though…simplicity is the most effective strategy for getting a message across–and for getting shit done.

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