09.15.2014 07:04 AM

Now THIS is writing

I don’t agree with Strobel on politics, pretty much ever, but this column had Kirbie and I laughing our keesters off on the way back from Stiff Little Fingers last night.  Just great writing, here:

“Some folks are so sick of that temple to entitlement on Nathan Phillips Square, that social engineering academy, they’d vote for a wombat if it was named Ford.

They don’t see Rob or Doug as hillbilly bullies. They don’t hear banjos. No, they see a chubby avenging angel marching downtown to clean up that snakepit of excess, greed and civic sin.

By folks, I don’t mean my downtown neighbours, with purple hair, pink poodles, a tofu lunch in their bicycle basket and a city arts grant in their back pocket.

I mean my old neighbours in Scarborough, who still debate Beatles vs Stones, live three days from the nearest subway and want City Hall to leave them, their lives and their wallets alone, thank you very much.

So they roll their eyes when John Tory gripes, before Sunday’s debate at the Evergreen Brick Works:

“(Doug) is afterall the gentleman that was joined at the hip with this brother, who I hope gets better…”

Yes, hip-separation surgery must be a bitch, Johnny.”


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    Bill From Willowdale says:

    If only it were true. The typical Ford supporter is from Scarborough and male but likely to be young and have no more than high school education. These are people that would benefit from social programs. By voting for Ford they are voting against their economic self interest much like the “blue collar” Republicans in the States.

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      Ted H says:

      Reminds me of that great bumper sticker I have seen when visiting the US. “There are two kinds of Republicans, millionaires and suckers”. Someone should make one up about Ford supporters.

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    doconnor says:

    Coming up with “social engineering projects” is what happens when one takes the time to investigate what the best policies would be. Many politicians start out planning to fight these things, but soon learn they often make sense. Others learn they make sense but pretend otherwise to get elected, but voters can tell if people are being dishonest. Very, very few very special politicians lack the capability to learn, but somehow end up in elected office, anyway.

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    rude boy says:

    ‘Beatles v. Stones’ – very funny – don’t they know that Oasis won that one almost two decades ago?

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    debs says:

    lol, some great descriptive writing.

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