09.20.2014 10:16 PM

“The lead communicator can’t communicate.”



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    JH says:

    To be honest I take Ms. Kirbie’s comment with a grain of salt. I mean c’mon, that’s expected given the relationship. Ms. Chow though did not handle the issue gracefully at all. I’d say she getting really bad advice from some campaign hot dogs – she’s better than that. I think she needs to step back – take a couple of days and really think about who she’s listening to, before the final push. I’ve no dog in the fight and basically no time for Toronto elites of any stripe (which they all are), but think Chow has really lost her way.

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    Pipes says:

    Ya man, Lisa is right. Chow is on a downward regressive spiral and looks like a 5th wheel in/tag along. Form follows function and I don’t know what her function is?

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    Bobby says:

    “The Lead Communicator Can’t Communicate” is bang-on correct, IMO. IF here handlers and war room are feeding her lines and key notes but she can’t deliver them, it’s all for nothing IMO. Early on in her campaign it was very easy to tell which talking points she used that Warren uses, and used here when singing her praises at one time, BUT, she blew those lines too because she was never then or never could deliver those lines like Warren himself.

    Same happened when you put Harris’s words and lines into Eve’s mouth. Not believable because they fell flat.

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    kre8tv says:

    Having a clear line about what constitutes a fireable offence: all businesses need to have this in how they manage their clients.

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    Drew says:

    Sooooooooo… voting for Doug?

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    Houland Wolfe says:

    Olivia Chow’s response should have been “While the term ‘segregationist’ is a little harsh, the bigger shame is that John Tory’s transit plan fails to serve visible minorities. This exclusion is deeply offensive.” It’s unfortunate that WK is no longer on Team Chow. I’d rather have him inside the tent pissing out than vice versa.

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    cynical says:

    Having read this, I have come to realize that I could never subscribe to the Sun. That one-sentence-per-paragraph writing style is extremely unpleasant to read, regardless of the value of the content.

    Hang in, and don’t let the bastards wear you down.

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    patrick says:

    Mrs. Chow has proven to be so bland that she has made Tory look good by comparison. I really don’t understand how an experienced politician can appear so “blah”, unless all she has done is run on her husband coattails all these years. So the best candidate available has dropped out, Sonaki, with minimal traction, and the worst, Doug, has jumped in and has received an Exon Valdez spill of ink from a fawning press which should be enough to put a person off the press, politics, faith in your fellow man and a higher power for eternity or a Stanley Cup parade in Toronto (whichever comes first).
    On a lighter note I am somewhat shocked that the Toronto Sun has finally acknowledged the truth and filed at least one of their columnists appropriately, sound bite Batra filed under Entertainment when your link is clicked.

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