10.15.2014 07:02 AM

Average writing about averages

Paul Adams tweeted this – Story? Column? Op-ed? What is it? – earlier this morning.  My friend Darrell Bricker was appalled by the fact that the national broadcaster would be reduced to running stuff that could have been generated by any “grad student with a calculator.”

Me, I was appalled by the writing.  I mean, is it so much to ask that the CBC – which has more editorial staff, per capita, than any other Canadian news organization – endeavour to, you know, edit stuff before they put it out? I found the prose, here, dense and confusing to the point of being incoherent.

Anyway, it’s the new reality.  Media polls (and averages of media polls) are worth what you pay for them.





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    doconnor says:

    “Grad student with a calculator” is way above the average level of math seen in the media. I was relatively impressed with the article. Hopefully we will see more like it on other topics.

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    Matt says:

    Éric Grenier has moved over to the CBC?

    Guess even The Globe and Mail had enough of his repeated failed analysis election after election.

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    Derek Pearce says:

    If you look at what he actually says though, it means Liberals cannot be complacent in the least– Con governments tend to bounce back from pre-writ low polling #s more often than not (even though overall, governments tend to get even less vote share on polling day than the polls a year ahead indicate– again, the opposite is true for PC/CPC govts). I’m longing for the end of the Harper regime, but can’t take it for granted that it’ll happend next October.

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    Ron says:

    Looks like routine stuff to me. But then I’m just the hoi polloi.

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    Al in Cranbrook says:

    CBC, motto: Using taxpayers’ money to keep Canada Liberal.

    They are soooo past their best before date! For God’s sake, sell this POS off for a buck and put them out of Canada’s misery!

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      Terry Quinn says:

      Al, we know its not your POS but most of us still like the CBC while you love the Sun and its Ezra network

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