10.05.2014 03:50 PM

Dear John: the latest

At 53,000 words. Not any good, mind you, but there’s 53,000 words of it.

Oh, and may be moving and there may be some changes about to happen, too. Other than that, all is good. Watching Son Two play field lacrosse out in Miserysauga, and things are good. Except for the Miserysauga part.



  1. Lance says:

    Come up with a title yet?

  2. Lance says:

    By the by, what is up with Ruby Dhalla? First she has a big announcement, books the Pearson Convention Centre to promote it………and then it ends up saying she isn’t running for election?

    • JH says:

      Bozo eruption?

      • Lance says:

        Bozo eruption?

        @ October 5, 2014 at 6:52 pm? Most assuredly.

        OHHHHhhhhhhh…….you mean Justin Trudeau? 🙂

        Meh (*shrugging shoulders*), whats the difference?

    • MississaugaPeter says:

      The JT folks are obviously preventing any folks with controversy from running.


      That includes former MPs, women, and folks younger than 45. Thinking about 2015 politically, probably a very smart thing to do.


      Unlike previous failed campaigns, it seems they are going to run a very egocentric campaign like the Conservatives.

      • Lance says:

        Not to mention that she had her shot, and blew it. You’re right; a LOT of controversial baggage there. I can’t say I blame Trudeau for that one.

        Kind of ironic when you think about; one Liberal leader parachuted her in, another telling her to take a dive.

      • Ridiculosity says:

        “The JT folks are obviously preventing any folks with controversy from running… including former MPs, women, and folks younger than 45.”


        FOR THE RECORD, in the riding of Beaches-East York alone (for example), their are six Liberal candidates running for the nomination and all but one of them is younger than 45.

        FOR THE RECORD, the LPC has been actively recruiting female candidates: http://www.liberal.ca/invite-her-to-run/

        FOR THE RECORD, there’s a long list of former MPs who will be running as candidates, including Marc Garneau, Carolyn Bennett, Scott Brison, Wayne Easter, Mark Eyking, Hedy Fry, Dominic Leblanc, Lawrence MacAulay, John McCallum and Judy Sgro, to name but a few.

        • MississaugaPeter says:

          It was to highlight the fact that even if you are under 45 and a woman and a former MP, you will not get a free pass in the JT nomination process.

          It was not to say that there are not other under 45 or female or former MP candidates. There are many of them.

  3. Bill B says:

    I’m really looking forward to your latest book, Warren.

  4. Hammer Dom says:



    I’ve just had too much politics, Ebola, death, loss suffering. We always talk Rock and Roll, but we haven’t yet discussed how Stevie Harp and his band of miss-fits have been butchering the CBC…OUR TV and radio station…and we both know your 2 favorite shows in the history of the medium, shit….fuck..I’m posting this so hope it’s ok…The Littlest Hobo and, The Beachcombers…are CBC classics.

    I stumbled on this:


    and was clearly outraged, which brings me to my point….YOU, rock star, are the king of ‘Music Best Lists’…..so, as a favour to me, lift us from our Autumn Reboot….AND MAKE A PROPER FUCKING LIST. Help us take our minds of the giant bowl of shit life is, and give a giant Kinsella rock ‘n’ roll spoon of awesomeness to eat it with…

    Top 50 Greatest Canadian rock Songs of ALL TIME!
    (you’re welcome for the distraction, I can hear that retarded gerbil
    in yer brain box hitting the wheel right fucking now…)

    What will it be folks?
    Teenage Head? Sloan? Closer to the Heart? Stan Rogers? Diamonds Diamonds? DOA?

    Oh, and don’t worry kids….Warren will do it, and we’ll listen, and we will learn… WHY FUCKERS? ’cause he is one of the few qualified to DO SO. (Plus it’s funny and cool and distracting and relevant and he owes me)

    Hammer Dom out.

  5. smelter rat says:

    Littlest Hobo was CTV.

  6. patrick says:

    Miserysauga – the NIMBY capital of Canada who complain about the lack of services in their urban sprawl.

    • MississaugaPeter says:

      That is not nice WK and patrick. The problem with the 6th largest city in Canada is that the only newspaper here is published now once a week (3X/week a few years ago) and it’s sole purpose is to distribute a kilo of flyers. Postmedia, please come to Mississauga.

  7. Kaiser Helmets 'n Motorbikes says:

    Be careful, that’s how Tolstoy started!

    PS: I hope reading your masterwork does not afflict me for life with regret and longing the way that Bastard Tolstoy did.

    Many decades ago I got it in my head to spend four long weeks in the North African desert retracing Montgomery’s victory over Rommel with nothing to read but Anna Karenina and an Egyptian Railways “Time Table of Express”.

    Sick and tired, I hobbled back to London and collapsed into a seat on the tube with Anna Karenina resting in my lap. I can still see that beautiful young woman who sat down next to me, looked up, pulled her copy from her backpack, and started reading. I can’t tell you why I sat there and let her go without a word; youth, stupidity, fever, exhaustion, but I suspect it was mostly stupidity!

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