10.08.2014 06:07 PM

New media not so new to the newly-maturing: newspaper

Ladurantaye will be tickled. Or, not.



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    Larry G says:

    I saw a cartoon where 4 teenagers were sitting together in a mall food court and texting each other without looking up or talking to each other! Cell phones and iPads are just umbilical cords for social networking. I wonder what would happen if they were deprived of their gadgets; would they go dysfunctional in their funk?!

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    Just Askin' says:

    Welcome to MySpace, Facebook. I’d say it was nice knowin’ ya, but…

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    Derek Pearce says:

    Holy shit, what do you think of this? http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/ottawa-seeks-use-of-news-footage-without-permission-in-political-ads/article20999908/?click=sf_globefb#dashboard/follows/

    Laurie Graham just directly said to Lisa LaFlamme on CTV National News “the Tories don’t have much time to turn things around and are trying a fast one in desparation.” So the question is, does an election get called before an injunction can be issued by a judge?

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