11.17.2014 02:59 PM

A nice young Liberal expresses interest in my book

We had a great chat, too.  Interesting fellow.



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    davie says:

    Early or mid 1960’s, United College in Winnipeg (before it was demoted to become University of Winnipeg), history prof brought in guest John Turner to talk to us, 40 or 50 students! Turner took a plain wooden chair, sat down, and took questions. Most of the exchanges were more like discussions than q and a. Very relaxed, articulate and classy fellow, I thought.
    (At that time I was pitching in during campaigns for provincial Liberals. I was interested in various political parties, but mostly I chipped in with provincial Libs.)


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    Ty says:

    Best voice in Canadian political history.

    Pretty amazing to think what would have happened if he had jumped in right after the ’79 loss.

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