11.05.2014 08:37 AM

Karen Stintz, did Tory’s camp offer to pay you?

Joe Warmington: Did anybody offer to help pay you, or any of that?

Karen Stintz: Uh, yeah.

[A bit later…]

Karen Stintz: Well, you know, I’m learning in politics, that promises really aren’t promises, they’re just good intentions.

Joe Warmington: So somebody offered? The John Tory camp or…?

Karen Stintz: We’ll see.

Joe Warmington: So they did make that deal with you?

The full segment is (finally) here. I am told, by a very reliable source, that Stintz wanted the question asked, on-air, about a Tory operative offering $35,000 in exchange for her no longer being a candidate. And, when Joe asked the question, Stintz was delighted.

Whatever could it all mean? And, while we’re on the subject, has a Tory supporter engaged in a “corrupt practice” (cf. ss. 89-94, Municipal Elections Act, R.S.O. 1996, c. 32)? And, you know, repeated history?

Interesting questions.


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    John says:

    I’m a chickenshit who gives morality lessons without having the guts to use my own name.

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    My Name is Andy says:

    Sounds more like Warmington was trying to create innuendo. Not very convincing…

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    Derek Pearce says:

    Well, that’s goddamned disappointing isn’t it? Who’ll replace Tory if he’s charged under the Elections Act?

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      Sorbonne says:

      That would be Ford. Doug Ford.
      May that day come soon.
      Each and every agency with the authority to inquire about this case and make rulings if necessary, should do exactly that.

      (Remember how they were quite willing to kick Rob Ford from office after he was “caught” soliciting 3,500 bucks for his youth football team?).

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    doris says:

    If she wanted the question asked howcum she was mealymouthed in the answer? Doesn’t make sense to me when I read those words. She never answered a question she wanted asked no bloody wonder she was running fifth.

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    Kevin Brown says:

    If this story involved the Ford’s the police would be investigating by now and it would be a front page story but because John Tory is at the center of this scandal it will just be swept under the carpet. I doubt that any member of the city hall press gallery will have the guts to directly ask John Tory to confirm or deny the allegations. Instead they are satisfied with a tweet issued by Tory’s media person denying the charges. There will be ZERO scrutiny by John Tory by the media for the next four years. Very depressing!

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    James says:

    This isn’t even the full clip, it gets cut off before the subject matter of the conversation comes to an end. I’d love to get a recording of the WHOLE show and go from there. No editing by the powers that be.

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    doconnor says:

    Kind of sounds like Stintz is trying to tell the Tory camp to pay what they promised to, or she’ll spill the beans.

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      Warren says:

      That is EXACTLY what is happening. And two senior Tory “strategists” should be very nervous.

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    Kevin Brown says:

    Putting aside the “bribery” aspect of this case what I don’t understand is how an individual can promise to give a candidate $35,000 towards her campaign expenses when the maximum amount that any individual can give any Mayoral candidate is $2,500 according to the Municipal elections act. Also if my interpretation of the Municipal election act is correct a candidate can only receive donations during the campaign period. Any money received after the end of the campaign period must be returned to the donor or turned over to the city clerk! From what I can gather the act doesn’t address debts remaining at the end of the campaign.

    If my interpretation of the municipal election act is correct there is no legal way that John Tory can transfer $35,000 to Karen Stintz. If he made a promise to her (via his senior “strategists”) to pay off her debt for dropping out early it will have to be in the form of a suitcase stuffed with cash!

    The penalties for contravening the Municipal election act apply not only to the candidate but also to donors and they can be very severe! A fine of $25,000 and up to six years in prison!


    Even if the act of offering Stintz $$$ for dropping out of the election before the campaign deadline is considered perfectly legal (hard to believe) it seems to me that some people could be in very hot water for conspiring to violate campaign finance laws.

    What can we do as concerned citizens to get this apparent violation of the Municipal election act on the radar screens of law enforcement?

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