11.14.2014 09:26 AM

No justice, no peace

Brilliantly done. Kudos, HuffPo.

And why is this so important? Because her name is all that she had left.  By saying her name, by remembering her, we can – hopefully, maybe – ensure that something like this never, ever happens again.





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    Rene Gauthier says:

    Rehtaeh Parsons.

    Tragic and repugnant at the same time.

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    Bobby says:

    THE LONDON AND YORK REGION ANTI-BULLYING COALITIONS are extremely disgusted with the outcome of the Halifax case involving the circulation of pornographic photos of a young girl

    November 14, 2014 – London, ON

    “HALIFAX — One of the young men at the centre of a high profile child pornography case in Nova Scotia has been granted a conditional discharge … for a period of 12 months. He will have to report to a youth probation officer and attend treatment. … The man pleaded guilty to making child pornography after he admitted to snapping a picture of his friend who was engaged in sex with the minor girl as she vomited out of a window during a drunken house party on November 12, 2011. The teen boy was giving the thumbs up sign to the camera as he had sex with the girl from behind.”

    It is time for everyone involved, parents, police, school boards, teachers, politicians, administrators and health providers – all who are responsible for the well-being of our children to realign their focus.

    “The LABC has always believed and promoted that with awareness, education and enforcement we would see great progress in the elimination of bullying. The importance of focusing on all three elements is critical. It goes without saying we have been extremely successful in developing awareness and education programs. What proves to be lacking in many cases is the enforcement piece.” Corina Morrison, Co-founder London Anti-Bullying Coalition.

    “Our politicians need to know that voter frustration with how Canada continues to fail at addressing student safety is at a boiling point. The public is speaking, yet the majority have not been heard.” Karen Sebben – York Region Anti-Bullying Coalition.

    Our efforts are intended to prevent children from being victimized in such a way that it will negatively impact them for the rest of their lives. It is absolutely heartbreaking a young person should feel so void of hope that death is the only solution.

    A child is dead; our various systems failed her; perpetrators were not vigorously sought or held accountable; we need change so this never happens again. It looks like the Youth Criminal Justice Act trumps the Criminal Code of Canada – we don’t understand.

    For more information please contact:

    Corina Morrison – London Anti-Bullying Coalition – c.morrison@ody.ca 519-473-5214

    Karen Sebben – York Region Anti-Bullying Coalition – k_sebben@hotmail.com 289-803-2842

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    Lynn says:

    IMHO, Sadly this case illustrates why young women so often do not report sexual assault. She went to the police, there were photos, there was evidence and the justice system failed her. She tried to do what the system says one is supposed to do in these situations. To what end? The justice system of the province of Nova Scotia failed her, consistently and repeatedly. It failed her again with the sentence handed down to one of her tormentors.

    The system failed to protect a young woman who wanted help and justice. I still shed tears when I think about the torment that poor girl suffered that led to her to try to take her life (she died when the life support was removed– her poor parents having to make that decision – heart breaking). The sentence just does not seem enough when a young girl is dead due to the chain of events instigated by the actions of a few young idiots with booze, cameras and a data plan.

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    Ridiculosity says:

    This. Needs. To. Stop.

    If we can’t make it clear, as a society, that we don’t accept violence – of any type – we’re not nearly as far out of the cave as we would like to believe.

    This is 2014, for the love of God.

    The last thing I say to my daughter when she walks out our door? Be careful, out there.

    I say the same thing to my son. But not nearly as often.

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    Just Askin' says:

    I was just watching CP24 and they used Rehtaeh Parsons’ name repeatedly when talking about her father’s presentation at a Mississauga school, and there is a feature section at CBC.ca using her name. Does this mean there is a tacit agreement that the publication ban will not actually be enforced?

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