01.26.2015 11:38 AM

Comment rules

Someone using a false name and false email address has tried this morning to make criminal accusations about Kathleen Wynne and Team on this web site’s comments section. I have told that person I will not approve such comments.

Here, again, are the rules. Everyone should abide by them. Thanks.

1. No libel. Having practiced libel law, I am the sole judge of what is and isn’t.

2. Stick to the topic, please. Being wildly off-topic, or getting into a long and boring fight with another commenter, is a good way to be asked not to come back.

3. Don’t overpost. If you are posting more than ten comments a day, you are posting too much. You will be encouraged to start your own web site.

4. Be honest. People who use their real name, with verified email addresses, will get favoured commenter status. People who hide behind aliases and fake email addresses won’t.

5. Bad behaviour will be punished! Similarly, no promise is offered, express or implicit, to keep identities and identifying info secret. If you try to post something very offensive, libellous or worse, expect to be named.


  1. Michael says:

    As an Ontario Liberal I shouldn’t be giving the ONPC any advice, but they are missing a glorious opportunity.

    In the midst of a leadership race they should be putting forth bold new ideas. Instead they are just rehashing the same old tired anti-government lines that did not work the last 4 elections. If scandals were at the top of mind for voters they would not have re-elected a Liberal majority. Move on.

  2. TrueNorthist says:

    Would a simple majority work? If I get, say, 3 out of 5, does that mean I get to go to heaven? I could do 4/5 but that would require some sort of quid pro quo. Nobody ever said the intertubes are fair, or balanced, or real…


  3. Terry Brown says:

    This is my favourite: “If you are posting more than ten comments a day…”!! Seriously, I like warrenkinsella.com as much as the next guy but if you’re posting 10 comments a day on this site you need an intervention and forcible restraint. Or a paper route, you know, something to keep you busy and out of harm’s way.

  4. .. its your house, your rules ..
    any guest should ‘get that’ ..

    respect the host..
    .. and try mightily
    not to be trite
    or pedantic ..

  5. Doconnor says:

    …and my 10th comment of the day.

    I have broken rules 2, 3 and maybe 4.

    As for 1:

    Warren Kinsella owns a Justin Bieber CD.

    I look forward to number 5.

  6. patrick says:

    Yeah, people follow the rules, show some respect and think before you post. We don’t want to turn this into a parliamentary question period.

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