01.24.2015 12:17 PM


It wasn’t Roger Ebert’s elegy that got me thinking about it: I’m Irish Catholic and, like my Jewish friends, I think about death all the time.  Goes with the territory.

Anyway, Twitter is a good a place as any to define it.  If I’m right, it’s when that one-third starts to overwhelm the proceedings.


  1. Lance says:

    When I was in Ireland this year for my annual Irish hiatus when I happened upon the county of Wexford. I had been to Ireland many times but never the province of Leinster. I happened to come upon a real estate business owned by a Kinsella, as well as a Kinsella shingle of someone practicing what I think was real estate law (I was passing by like a speed demon in the car and it was in Gaelic which I am TRYING to learn, so can’t be exactly certain). The name featured pretty prominently in this area. I had thought with the vowel ending of “ella” that “Kinsella” was Italian. Huh. Go figure, LOL.

  2. Terence Quinn says:

    Much better reading than watching the Sun program. He has a very eloquent manner in describing death as basically a lapsed Catholic. Good read

  3. Peter says:

    This kind of thing makes me think the phrase “lapsed Catholic” is an oxymoron. We Protestants tend to dribble away from faith in a fit of absence of mind, but Catholics seem to go from faith to anti-faith with equal fervor and spend a good portion of their waking hours wrestling with both.

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