01.24.2015 12:39 PM

The Rumble: Trudeau, Obama, kings and cake


  1. Joe says:

    As should be well know by now I am not a Justin Trudeau fan. I have watched him in several interviews recently where he seemingly gets lost. Then I realized that the part time drama teacher can only memorize so many lines….. He is not someone I would want as PM.

    • Chris says:

      PM Harper has a pretty thin resume outside of politics as well, if we’re going to go down this tired trail.

      • Al in Cranbrook says:

        Well, here’s both resumes. Compare at your leisure as to who is the best qualified for Canada’s top job…



      • Joe says:

        A wise man once wrote, “When I became a man I put childish ways behind me”. PM Harper and NDP leader Mulcair have shown a level of maturity not found in the guy who gives me the impression that he is playing a dramatic role – badly – I might add.

        • Terence Quinn says:

          Funny thing about the drama teacher and his lack of experience. His fund raising skills, in about one year, are soon to overtake Harpo’s own “vaunted” fund raising skills hat have been honed over many years. And you all know that having money is one the main keys to winning.

          The cons tried the ” over his head” ads which didn’t take and have reverted to full on Harper in open shirt type ones, praising himself and looking like a PM. Sounds like too much Harpo too soon while JT lays back a bit like a good front runner. And most people already do not like Harper to begin with.

          JT has not had to deal with any policy platforms as he watches the cons and dippers outline theirs. I say advantage JT.

          And, anything done on the SNN has to have a Tory slant.

          • Joe says:

            Terence Quinn please understand that I am not nor have I ever attacked Trudeau for his resume. Experience can be gained as has been shown by PM Harper. I don’t like Trudeau because he can not be taken seriously. I don’t care how much credit you give him for fund raising the man is an intellectual fly weight in a heavy weight category. I have heard speeches given by him that are so cliched as to be laughable. I have seen him get stumped by simple questions. I have seen him suggest we ‘rethink time and space’. Those musing are not the thoughts of a Prime Minister of Canada. They are the thoughts of a part time drama teacher who wants his grade nine students to lie on the floor and let their thoughts roam free while they listen to John Lennon’s Imagine.

          • Lance says:

            How do you know that they “didn’t take”? We haven’t had an election yet to prove that one way or the other.

            One ad practically skewered Rae before he could even officially run for the leadership. And I remember, when according to people like you, the ads about Dion and Ignatieff didn’t have any legs either. How did those turn out again?

          • smelter rat says:

            Pay close attention to Joe. He has several advanced degrees from many world famous universities, so he can’t be wrong. Just ask him.

          • Terence Quinn says:

            Joe, your intellectual content overwhelms me but I think you are FOS. Fundraising and the speeches he gives plus the ideas he has already thrown out there like women’s rights and the marijuana issue are ahead of the curve. Cliches? harper is Mr. Cliche and doesn’t vary this script ever. He doesn’t even let his hair look uncombed.

            lance JT has already proven he is no Dion or Iggy. One of their problems was a ,lack of money to counter the conbots. JT has no such issue and has the personality to turn on Harper in anao second if need be. harper now knows he is a dogfight. look a the changes in appearance and the attention suddenly paying to Ontario and even Quebec. he now has a problem winning seats in those two provinces in particular. Pay attention and take your blinders off. Actually leave them on and the October surprise will hit you harder

          • Lance says:

            Terence, JT hasn’t proven he is “no Dion or Iggy” because, again, we haven’t had the election yet to prove one way or the other. Money or a change of appearance isn’t going to matter if there is no substance to hit back with, and there just isn’t. If he “had the personality to turn on Harper”, he’d have done it already and momentum wouldn’t have shifted back to where it is now. The honeymoon is over. Mulcair isn’t doing nearly as bad in Quebec as was thought he would be by now, and if he can hold decently enough, there isn’t much more place for Trudeau to grow large other than Ontario, and that is hardly a foregone conclusion. His seat count is in a massive hole. Where is his government going to come from?

            Don’t get me wrong; an opponent should NEVER be underestimated, no matter who is, even Trudeau. But overestimation is an issue too. You very well might be the one that is “in for a surprise”.

          • !o! says:

            @joe, re: ‘intellectual fly-weight’. People (fairly) made similar complaints about Bush II. He was likeable too.

          • Joe says:

            Well Terrence if you really want to hang your political hat on dope and trained seal MPs I guess Trudeau is your man. Good luck with that. As for me I am looking closely at the ideas of Harper and Mulcair to see which one has the best ideas going forward. I really don’t believe that rethinking the space time continuum is the answer.

          • Joe says:

            !o! And GWB worked out so well for the Yanks because…… But he was likable and he was elected so I guess in your view that is all that counts. I never did see why GWB should have been elected (IOW I wouldn’t have voted for him) although I must admit he remains head and shoulders above Trudeau.

          • !o! says:

            the point is simply that he was elected.

    • Al in Cranbrook says:

      I should add, granted resumes in this respect are somewhat subjective. Posted from a purely objective point of view relative to a job application.

  2. Terence Quinn says:

    What a crock!!

  3. davie says:

    Hey, The Friday Rumble!
    Good to see more of the influence of RT, Thom Hartmann, and his regular Lone Liberal Rumble.

  4. ian turnbull says:

    I am starting to believe that it will be Mulcair not JT who will pick up the anti Harper vote by the time the election roles by. When everything is going well – economy, security, etc, it was easy for that group to flock to JT – nothing to worry about, lets just get rid of the tired old mean guy and bring in someone cute and likeable.

    However if the economy continues to teeter and global security stays in the headlines Canadian will feel less secure. Mulcair just comes across as an intelligent, serious person (and that is coming from someone who’s views are as far away from NDP policy as can be). JT seems more of a young likeable reality TV show host, sort of the Liberal’s Ryan Seacrest.

  5. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    You sure are one hell of a nice guy to allow the Conservative war room to impart its principal electoral strategy on this website. Try as they may, they are unable to come up with a vote for Harper because strategy.

    Furthermore, their constant emphasis on attacking Justin personally is additional evidence that they are grasping at straws in hopes of remaining in office. This so far ineffective strategy seems to be all they’ve got going forward.

    As for our own war room, they need to reverse the decline and come up with a strategy that will further enhance confidence in Justin. Laurier got it right with his sunny ways. Now it’s up to our party to do the same.

    Some war rooms are far better than others. Ours needs to be of the highest calibre to win.

    They have made a tacit admission that thry can’t win by focusing exclusively on the economy. That’s why they willbgoto the people sooner rather than later — bwfire the economy heads into the tank.

  6. Lance says:

    You sure are one hell of a nice guy to allow the Conservative war room to impart its principal electoral strategy on this website.

    He allows dissenting viewpoints because this isn’t a mere echo chamber. Only someone that is afraid of having their ideas and opinions challenged would do otherwise. And if the Conservative war room is able to “impart it’s principal electoral strategy”, isn’t it in your best interest to find out what that is by allowing them to tell you on your own ground? And if you are worried that they are imposing it, or fear that they are even able to, then you have a bigger problem than you realize.

  7. Lance says:

    So now Trudeau says that Obama would have approved the Keystone XL pipeline by now if only Harper had put a price on carbon.

    Every day now. It seems that it is every day now he is saying something inane. How did he get away from his handlers this week?

  8. Lance says:

    Well Scot(t), other than the fact I really don’t give a flying fuck what I sound like to you, unlike you, I’m not married to any political party ideology, the idea of which is a total anathema to a party hack (irrespective of party) like you. I don’t need to be a “strident Conservative” to hold a well founded belief that Trudeau is and will be a walking disaster.

  9. Brachina says:

    I’ll point out that Justin Trudeau basically ruled putting a price on Carbon himself, so he’s giving Harper shit for not doing something Justin himself wouldn’t do.

    And comparing your own leader to George W. Bush is horrifying, I mean its one thing when us NDPers do it, but to here a Liberal admit that they’re trying to make thier own George W. Bush the Prime Minister, is there no low you won’t sink to for power?

  10. Brachina says:

    Gentlemen, Gentlemen, lets not fight about this, both Harper and Trudeau are walking disasters. Thank goodness for Mulcair.

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