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For reasons of September 9, 2011, I have found this little boy’s story to be very difficult to read about, or hear about. ┬áBut if you want to help, somehow, here is how you can contribute to the funeral costs.


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    Matt says:

    The picture from the security camera in the building lobby of this little boy in his t-shirt, diaper and boots about to go out into the -30 degree night is something I know I won’t soon forget.

    I just keep thinking what was going through his mind.

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    Matt says:

    The goal was to raise $20,000 for funeral costs.

    So far $37,000 has been raised – $17,000 in the last 2 hours.

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    Lynn says:

    Heartbreaking. Like Matt, that imagine of the little guy in his boots and diaper is unforgettable. And put me in mind of something in my building that ended well, fortunately.

    About a year ago I went to the mailbox in my building and there was a little girl (2-3 years old), sweet, friendly little blonde, and her cat in the lobby. I asked her where is Mommy and chatted with her, and walked her and kitty back to their apartment. Speaking to her parents, they told me that day was the first time her mom and dad, who were in the apartment, drowsy, lying in bed, taking their time getting up while the little one played (mom was pregnant and resting a bit) realized that she could open the door herself. (two level apt so they were upstairs) She was playing in the apartment and tried the door and out before they arrived downstairs. They told me that had no idea until that morning that Miss could open the door and take a stroll down the hall. Security measures were implemented immediately by Dad. Her strolling days came to an immediate end.

    A couple people who told about this made the statement “lucky you found her and not someone else” — good lord, really? I would like to think that any human would do the same thing.

    Kids are fast, they are curious, and they try things, and it is absolutely tragic when something like this occurs. I just keep thinking, if only someone would have seen him and taken him home. I cannot imagine the pain the family feels now.

    Rest in peace little man.

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    Matt says:

    Breaking news: Within the past hour a second toddler has been found alone wandering in the cold, completely naked.

    Luckily the child was spotted and taken to the hospital.

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    Patricia Morfee says:

    As I heard about little Elijah, I remembered our own experiences many years ago when our children were small. Our son, who is now 46 years when he was 2 would get out of bed climb on a chair unlatch the door and leave in his diaper and boots to wander the street. Once I was getting my Daughter ready for the sitter and myself ready for work. My neighbour from 3 doors away phoned to say he was at their house after her husband almost ran over him in their driveway. Another time he got around corner of our street and up another before I caught up with him. We finally put a deadbolt on the door to stop him. Also our daughter who is now age 50 decided at age 3 to find where she would go to school one day while I was making my husband lunch for work. He left and when he got to a busy intersection two blocks from our house, there she was with her doll under arm waiting for the light to change. He jumped out of the car and stopped her. This is to illustrate that parents cannot know at all times what an adventuresome child will do. There but for the grace of God, we were lucky nothing more serious happened.

    I hope that the grandparents and parents will not be condemned that this is their fault. My heart aches for them.

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