02.10.2015 01:28 PM

Pretty good column about Trudeau’s “open nominations”

Worth a read, though I’m biased.

Right here.


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    Luke says:

    The more hypocritical nonsense like this Trudeau engages in, the more I think about the merits of Mulcair and the NDP. I don’t care about the supposed lack of substance (surely there will be a platform at some point), and I don’t even care all that much about the lack of open nominations, but the constant, incredible lying about the latter levels such an insult to everyone’s intelligence that I’m getting to the point of no return.

    Andrew Coyne’s column on this whole thing is brutally scathing, and between it and Lisa’s points, I’m getting seriously disappointed, although I can’t say surprised. If Trudeau wants to do an Obama, he has to wait until AFTER getting elected to deflate everyone’s enthusiasm, like Obama appears to have done. Otherwise, those of us wishing to replace the Conservatives (I still think that’s most of the electorate) will be looking at the other option. Although, such reconsideration would require than most people care to pay attention.

    I also question the merits of probably making many enemies out of well connected Liberals for no particular reason.

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    !o! says:

    It is indeed a good column. ‘Open nominations’ sound good on paper, it contrasts with the narrative of the CPC as being secretive and dictatorial, but really, anybody who follows these things that heard it at the time likely had one of two reactions: 1) Well that’s a pretty big blunder,
    or 2) Well that’s not going to happen.
    Following that, the question then becomes ‘who was the proclamation of open nominations for?’. It’s surely not for the average voter, whoever that is. The average voter doesn’t care. It’s surely not for the most politically savvy of the population, because see above. If it’s for rank and file big L liberals, or for small l liberals who may become big L liberals, it’s certainly a pretty big blunder because if they bought into it initially, they’d certainly see that it’s an impossible thing to follow through on, and that only breeds cynicism, which is exactly what the party does not need right now.

    If only the initial announcement had been just a little bit more tempered, we don’t run into a clash of expectations now…

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    Sean says:

    This is bad stuff for team Trudeau.

    Right to choose / couldn’t finesse his position at all and pissed off a lot of people.
    Environment / he compliments a dictatorship.
    Harassment allegations / creates a fictitious process and even pisses off the complainants.
    Military / He makes stupid jokes about “whipping it out”
    Nominations / seemingly endless parade of train wrecks and foul ups likely unmatched in Liberal Party history.
    Eve Adams / fairly unanimous reaction of “WTF?!”

    The poll numbers are still OK, but are coming back into the stratosphere. I think the 10% of Canadians who pay attention to politics in between elections are picking up the scent…. the whiff of a walking corpse campaign maybe as bad as Ignatieff and at least as bad as Dion.

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