03.12.2015 11:00 AM

Decree on religious facing coverings for women


31. – That this be the better observed at all times and by all Sisters in every place, we decree that all the Sisters shall so adjust their kerchiefs, that the forehead, both cheeks and the chin shall be for the greater part covered, so that their faces may be in no wise entirely seen.

Shocking! Appalling! Repression! The “Sisters” in question? Why, it’s the Colettine Poor Clare Order of nuns, that’s who.

Here’s a picture of one of them, practically nude:


I look forward to assorted politicians condemning this anti-women group of, er, women.


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    Marion I. says:

    Perhaps the Pope needs to step in on this one in defense of the sisters! Warren, do you know of any nuns who still wear this archaic habit in Canada?

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    wsam says:

    Catholics worship the Pope. Therefore they are unsuitable for democracy. As well, they use incense and wafers, which is cruel, and they opposed Henry VIII’s repeated attempts to get a divorce. Also. England’s 15th Century Monasteries had a lot of money and the English state needed that money. Henry VIII had some serious alimony to pay. Lawyers. He had to fight wars. His needs were endless. Luckily he had the Catholic Church to attack. Sort of like now.

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    Todd says:

    I think using a painting from the 18 th century kind of undermines your point. I don’t know of any modern nuns that wear this uniform anymore.

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      Jill says:

      I still remember the wooden ruler the nuns used on us wayward schoolgirls to keep us in line. It’s what saved me from a life of sorrow and misery.

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        Howard Moon says:

        Funny I found sound financial planning, getting a good education and a bit of hard work was a less draconian way to avoid a life of sorrow and misery.

        But if 50 Shades of Grey is your thing then go ahead.

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    e.a.f. says:

    The point is at some time or other, women in all societies have worn things which set them apart or hide them. Some societies changed, some didn’t. who are we to complain, if we do not belong to that religion. Orthodox Jewish women still cover their hair. Many wear wigs to do so. Like what is the difference between that and a hijab.

    Harper most likely will not “approve” of what nuns wear. He is a member of the Christian and Missionary Alliance church which believes the bible is “inerrant” and the second coming is “imminent”. Well so much for common sense. Harper’s religion is a little out there. So one group wears face coverings and the other believes some guy named jesus is coming back to life. I guy who is supposed to have been dead for a couple of thousand years is coming back to life?????? that is beyond crazy. Oh and its just not the P.M. who belongs to the “Christian and Missionary Alliance Church, so do another 60 of the con M.P.s Now we know why they’re such a bunch of “idiots’. They brought their religion into our House of Commons.

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      Jill says:

      Maybe Canada and Canadians need a good dose of the “ol’ time religion” nowadays so that we don’t capitulate to the domineering forces and evil influences such as pornography, sexual exploitation of women by men, living a video game life, illiteracy after graduating from high school, letting government look after our needs from womb to tomb ,,,,, oh, and then there is the jihadi terrorists in our midst!

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        Howard Moon says:

        Maybe you need to step away from the computer and find reality

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        George says:

        Right…because believing in something with no empirical evidence to support it’s existence makes so much more sense. That applies to those who practice “ol’ time religion” as well as the jihadists in our midst.

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    Steve T says:

    Some key differences. First, it isn’t really fair to compare the requirements of 80 years ago with the requirements of today. Heck, women were subjugated by pretty much the entire world until the 1950s.

    Second, and more important to the broader debate about Harper’s comments, the key is that there is far more to modern Islamic subjugation of females than just the niqab. To focus on the comment in that narrow context is to miss the obvious broader point that Harper was making. Surely, no one can say with a straight face that face-covering is simply a fashion statement or “religious freedom” for Muslim women.

    Even if North American Muslim women are wearing the niqab by choice, it is a practice that has its roots in mysogeny and female subjugation. Furthermore, the requirement to show your face during citizenship oaths, etc., is equally applied to all. It is hardly religious persecution.

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      wsam says:

      The Supreme Court of Canada disagrees with you

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    Marlene Anderson says:

    It’s hardly equivalent to compare the garb of a strict female religious order to the daily wear of a culture that accounts women less than men. The burka and niqab are cultural impositions required of ordinary Muslim women whereas a Catholic nun chooses her life.

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    wsam says:

    What do you think about various Christian churches not allowing women to be priests?

    According to you, do Hassidic cultural practices treat women as somehow less than men?

    What about the Sikhs. Men adhere to a strict dress code.

    Maybe it is political expedient and profitable to attack Muslims so this government is attacking Muslims.

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      Joe says:

      Insofar as religious practices are voluntary and not imposed on anyone outside that particular belief system there is no harm until that sect decides that its laws supersede the laws of Canada. If a Catholic nun wants to wear an old fashioned habit then that is her free choice and to be cherished by all who agree with her and ignored by all that disagree with her. Likewise groups like the one I attend that don’t allow women to preach and require women to wear head coverings. No one is forcing any of the attendees to belong. I am thankful when my wife puts on her snood in the morning. She believes this is right for her and I don’t disagree. On the other hand I have never asked any other woman to follow my wife’s example. However I have asked a few men to take off their baseball caps during the service.

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