03.11.2015 09:57 AM

Menzingers Friday night!

We could be seeing the Heat beat the Raptors. We could be packing. We could be watching the last House of Cards thing.

Instead, we’ll be at The Menzingers, because they are one of the greatest bands on Earth. Listen.


  1. Jon Powes says:

    I didn’t know David Menzies had a band.

  2. Tim says:

    Respect, Warren, but some of your taste in punk is all about a sound that fits best in a late 90’s beach scene for a cringe worthy teen movie, like Blink 182 or Green Day made even softer with hoaky sillyness. I do like Wire though (not always very punk) and some of the other bands you’ve mentioned. Do you like the Miracle Workers? There earlier albums are great, more on the garage side, but great.

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