04.14.2015 07:54 AM

“The police, like the dog, have no lead.”




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    P Brennan says:

    nothing like good prose

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    Ron W. says:

    Trudeau might be open to forming coalition with NDP, but not with Mulcair as leader [aka: the ‘dog’ and the ‘police’ … and have no lead(er)!]



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      Priyesh says:

      Ugh. With all the pressure to talk about coalitions, I’m sure he had to say something. But using it as a chance to spin against your coalition partner sounds a lot like the “old style” politics he’s trying to criticize.

      Whoever is advising him needs to be fired.

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        Ron W. says:

        There will never be a ‘coalition’ between these two quebecois-based leaders because they despise each other and neither will accept the other as a leader of a Lib-Dip coalition. They are both politically terminal.

        I hope the Libs and Dips are soundly trounced in the October election thus reducing them to remorseful remnants that can be united into an emergent centre-left opposition party with a new respectable leader who Canadians will follow. First a painful death and then a respectable resurrection because that’s the only way political unity can be created.

        If Conservatives win a healthy majority government, Harper will most likely retire in 2017 after the 150th Canada Day celebrations. Then it will be a new ball game going to 2019……. unless the Libs and Dips still delude about winning as stand alone parties.

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          Ridiculosity says:

          I don’t give a shit about Harper’s retirement plans. (And neither should you.)

          But I do care deeply about the future Canada. (And so should you.)

          You want to wait until 2019 to get things back on the right path?

          Too little.

          Too late.

          Send Steve back to the Tar Sands (where he’ll undoubtedly sit on the Suncor Board, among others, at $200K per year).

          Time to move forward.

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            Ron W. says:

            I hear you and I understand your pov, but how can you achieve your fantasy since the centre-left is totally fucked up between the fractured Libs and Dips and enemies Trudeau and Mulcair?

            You and your deluded compatriots are living in total fantasy and all you have to show for your efforts is hatred which is worth shit come the election campaign.

            The Con machine will slapchop the opposition into bits while Justin and Thomas are knifing each other particularly in Quebec. If you want to see “hate”, just wait watch and listen to what the Libs and Dips will do to each other in Quebec. There is going to be a political beheading in Quebec and it ain’t gonna be done by Harper.

            Forget about cockamamie coalitions and strategic voting, or a mutual hatred of Harper because all of that is just immature wishful flights of fancy and foolishness. Simply put, you are drunk on hatred.

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            doconnor says:

            Ron, which party is going to support Harper to avoid supporting eachother?

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            doconnor says:

            It’s strange that if there is all this hatred between the Liberals and the NDP, only Conservatives seem to comment about it on here.

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            Ron W. says:

            All we have now is a steady stream of stinking menses from the Harper haters!

            Trudeau and Mulcair are now stumbling over each other in the preview of the next election campaign. They must destroy each other to survive as leaders of their parties, and yes, particularly in battleground Quebec…. where Conservatives are surprisingly experiencing a petit popularity spike.

            A coalition is just a non sequitor that only resides in the minds of desperate Liberal and NDP supporters who’s only hope is fueled by hatred. We don’t hear the haters singing the praises of Justin or Mulcair and their silence is the sound of defeat. Canadians are not hate-filled people and all they want economic hope and a safe security.

            Unite the centre-left —— Vote Conservative!

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