04.11.2015 08:00 AM

Attention all Alberta Liberals!

An election cometh! So cometh to our event! 



  1. Alberta Sux says:

    I’m sure all 3 Alberta progressives will enjoy your discussion. Just don’t get kidnapped and made some hillbilly’s mountain bride.

    • Michael Bluth says:

      Ahh, you gotta love self-proclaimed progressives who feel free to insult the backgrounds of those they don’t agree with. I’m guessing you have expressed outrage at ‘neo-cons’ for not respecting the rights of people you deem worthy.

      Not sure what you consider hillbillies, but most Albertans have their teeth. No noted cases of inbreeding recently.

      Perhaps if there was less knee jerk insults and more thought put into what Albertans really cared about the Alberta Liberals would have a chance at winning more than five or six seats in the election.

    • Priyesh says:

      Insulting the voters is such a poor strategy, you’d think that someone is pretending to do it just to make Liberals look bad.

  2. davie says:

    I like the idea of the live smooth jazz band…maybe it could intro WK with a few bars from ‘Straight, No Chaser.’

  3. davie says:

    Not sure you can call yourself a British Columbia hillbilly. Alberta has hills; in BC we have something more substantial.

  4. Marc-André Chiasson says:

    Good luck tonight. And do try to have a bit of fun…life is so short.

  5. Bill says:

    A Liberal government in Alberta? After Drumheller freezes over! Of course with climate change there could be political change too.

  6. Alberta Liberals and NDPers are more endangered than Black-Footed Ferrets and Burrowing Arrows. Conservatives are more plentiful than Richardon’s Groung Squirrels. Wildrose members are considered vermin like rats and the Conservatives are trying to wipe them out before they build up viable colonies. within Alberta’s borders.

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