04.15.2015 08:39 AM

Save the chilren from Satan

All-time classic news report by Global’s Alan Carter.  His delivery is so perfect, so deadpan, he should be up for a Pulitzer (cf. “Why are you shaming me?”).

Meanwhile, there’s good news and bad news here for progressive politicians.  Bad news: it’s a very diverse group, these protestors, the type of group that typically always votes for progressive political parties.  The good news: watch the bit at the 30-second mark, where there’s a guy repeating that “Satan” developed the sex-ed curriculum, and look for the sign behind him.

An important part of being concerned about what your children are taught, Moms and Dads? Knowing to spell “children.”


  1. Ron W. says:

    The clash of values. Just look at the diversity of the protesters; mostly new immigrants and old religious types.

    The Canadian school system has failed to teach children reading, writing and ‘rithmatic… so they fell back on eliciting children’s “feelings”. “Johnny, Jane, share your feelings with us.” asks the teacher, to help them better socialize and find commonality. Now we have unqualified and suspect teachers explaining the brutal vagaries of human sexuality to innocent children. Why?

    Will this become an issue in the upcoming federal election that will adversely affect the Trudeau Liberals? Of course, we know the NDP are a salacious bunch.

    • smelter rat says:

      What a load of hooey. When was then last time you were in a classroom?

    • cynical says:

      You clearly know very little about schools in Canada.

    • Steve T says:

      Smelter and Cynical, it is actually you who clearly know nothing of what occurs in classrooms these days. I am curious whether you have elementary-school-aged children. If so, I’m surprised you aren’t aware of what passes for “teaching” in schools now.

      Here in Manitoba, the things Ron W mentions are dead-on accurate. My kids (grades 4 and 6) spend far more time learning about “social responsibility”, “children’s rights”, and other fluffy subjects, than they spend learning literacy, numeracy, science, or other core subjects. They can recite the U.N.’s “Rights Of The Child”, but they haven’t learned their multiplication tables yet.

      Ultimately, there are only so many hours in a school day. Every hour spent teaching fluff is an hour not spent teaching reading, writing, math, or science. However, the great appeal to teachers and administrators, for the fluff, is that (a) it is easier to teach, (b) there are no pesky “right” or “wrong” answers, and (c) it makes everyone feel warm and fuzzy.

      There is an old saying: I want my kids to have an education, not an indoctrination. Unfortunately, that isn’t the direction most schools have chosen.

      • jeff316 says:

        It would have just been more honest to admit that you’re uncomfortable with the new curriculum, than to introduce hyperbolic nonsense to make you feel better about your discomfort.

        • Steve T says:

          First, I was not supporting or protesting the sex ed curriculum at all. I was refuting the comments by Smelter and Cynical that suggested Ron W doesn’t know anything about the school system these days. That is all.

          Second, it’s interesting how my comments are “hyperbolic”, given that they are statements about actual things I’ve seen in my children’s education. You, on the other hand, simply threw around ad-hominem attacks. Do you have any specific comments about our education system, or are you just looking to lob one-liners at those you don’t agree with?

  2. George says:

    “It’s the SATAN!”
    “They’re not body parts – they’re GENITALS!”

    wow. Just wow.

    (shakes head in disbelief, wants to book a one-way flight to planet with intelligent life)

    Not the first time I’ve quoted Churchill on this blog:

    “The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter.”

  3. Dave says:

    A friend’s neighbour just quit the party over their handling of this issue.

    The Conservative party, that is.

  4. Priyesh says:

    This is a Conservative Party rally. About as astroturf as they come.

    Most intelligent people know that sex education is about safety, not about teaching sexual positions to children. *facepalm*

    A fast food chain can sue me if I claim their burgers are made from human entrails. I don’t know why it’s completely legal to lie about political programs.

  5. Marcel says:

    It’s hard to believe that people are A-OKAY with a Sexual education curriculum that was created in no small part by the hands of a convicted pedophile.

  6. TimL says:

    Man, that’s great. Get that guy a job on the Daily Show.

  7. Joe says:

    Yeah ’cause like we need better sex ed ’cause like no human being has like ever had a like fulfilling sex life without like being groom….er educated.

  8. Aiden says:

    Re: spelling “children” there’s a good chance the author of that sign is an immigrant whose native language isn’t English, so that seems a bit harsh, no?

  9. cgh says:

    So let me understand this clearly, some of you think there’s nothing wrong with a sex education curriculum intended for public school children in which a large part was played in designing it by a convicted pedophile? Or are you flushing Ben Levin down the memory hole and pretending he never existed?

  10. edward nuff says:

    like the kids can’t find this video on you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_aZPmlLKbA8

  11. Africon says:

    Interesting that many of you who, presumably are and have long been in favor of “multiculturalism” and allowing any number of immigrants into this country from nearly any culture in the world, are not so keen on allowing these same immigrants to bring their “medieval” or backward thinking with them. And naturally, none of you have even the slightest hint of any racism in you, right?

  12. Terry Brown says:

    “Why are you shaming me?”

    That is so awesome. He seems genuinely perplexed.

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