04.02.2015 07:16 AM

Who is Senator Cold Camembert, representing the riding of Broken Crackers?

Among other things, she has personally done more to hasten the – long overdue, long necessary – euthanization of the so-called Red Chamber than any person in recent memory.

Among other things, too, her real name is Nancy Jackman. She doesn’t like to be called that, but that’s her real name. And here – courtesy of Bob Lopinski and others – is a leaflet from the past that’ll tell you even more about this pathetic joke of a “Senator.”

Among other things.

Nancy Jackman


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    Kaiser Helmets 'n Motorbikes says:

    Please, please tell me this is an April fool’s joke that you forgot to post yesterday.

    I have to get to work to pay my taxes. I really can’t take anymore red chamber “let them eat cold Camembert”… commentary.

    “I just don’t think they understand anything of what it’s like to fly around the world to get here to Ottawa,” added Ruth, who lives in Toronto.”

    Jesus Warren, is this really it?

    Is this really what defines our country? People of extreme privilege and wealth “flying around the world” using monies we gave the government to build schools and roads, and hospitals?

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      Steve T says:

      Yes, this is exactly what happens when you appoint people for life to a particular role, with no accountability and no real job purpose. Serving as a chamber of “sober second thought” is a nice fantasy, but it is rarely the reality.

      Ditch the Senate, or have it elected every 4 years. The U.S. government has a lot of flaws, but this is one area they got right.

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      cgh says:

      It’s not just our country, and it’s not just some of the Senate.
      Fact is all too many of the so-called elite have a sense of entitlement that is truly dismal and disgusting. But it’s not just the elite like Jackman. Lots of people in society regardless of their economic status have a sense of entitlement, that their needs right then are more important than anything else. After all, what else is road rage? It’s easy to poke fun at Senators; they’re such inviting targets. But they’re a symptom of a much wider problem.

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    CaligulaJones says:

    Ah yes, Nancy JACKMAN. I recognized the snobbish tone of her voice, but couldn’t quite place it. Now it all fits.

    Unfortunately, the only way the Senate will be introduced to Dr. Kevorkian will be if a) the NDP is elected, and b) they actually keep their promise.

    I’m not holding my breath.

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      Elisabeth Lindsay says:

      Sure Caligula. The NDP are going to go out and convince at least seven Provinces to agree to having no Senators.

      I think there are eleven vacancies right now and already PEI and other Provinces are complaining about not getting their alloted Senators appointed.

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    Matt says:

    Just as ridiculous as trust fund baby politicians telling people they understand the financial struggles of the “middle class”.

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    rude boy says:

    ‘Theoretically, I have no money.’

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    Bill says:

    What would Earl Camembert say?

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    Rainclouds says:

    “I’m entitled to my entitlements” D Dingwall

    Gaseous windbags sucking on the taxpayer teat, what a narcissistic Buffoon

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    davie says:

    I picture the auditors, a Bob Cratchitt like group, poring over bits of paper and laptop screens, and every 15 minutes one calls to his or her colleagues, “Hey, listen to this one…”

    …then, after a few howlers, one offers, “Y’know, this stuff really isn’t all that funny.”

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    King Prick says:

    I disagree with abolishing the Senate. Under the Harpoons, the senate has become more of a home for degenerates than I have ever witnessed in my life, however… I have little faith in the electoral system and an elected senate will only cater to lobbyists, and the wealthy. Only they can win those elections and secondly, an appointed senate means that sober second thought can still be had as opposed to partisan hacksmanship. I would offer this though… No Senator should ever keep company with a sitting MP. If they’re found to be conspiring with one another, then turf them both, re-appoint and hold a by election. All things being equal, it sure as hell couldn’t hurt. Abolishing the senate though? Imagine how much more the Harpoons could have hurt Canada.

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    P Brennan says:

    I could care less if its rich or poor who get in the senate – what is the job description (as wide as it may be) and are folks qualified to do whatever that is – if job descriptions dont amount to a hill of beans then go through the process that I understand requires provinces to be onside to abolish it. – angry Tom has this right

    On expenses – apparently – certain expenses were allowed based on this ie no receipts etc – great – try that with revenue canada for the rest of us. Needs to be ended

    On double dipping expenses that is just outright fraudulent.

    Unfortunately until they name folks all are tarnished

    And this ..pay it back and its okay? Really – try that with Revenue Canada – yes pay it back with interest and penalties

    And the error excuse..really ..try that with CRA – and all these folks have admins and assistants – just do it right

    I dont beleive that people who can just start doing this when they got to the Senate –

    odd stuff – but hey MPs and Hill dont even seem to have a proper policies on sexual harassment in place – try that in private sector

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    JH says:

    The only party coming out of the audit looking good is the NDP. And given their recent office expenses shenanigans, I don’t doubt they’d behave exactly the same if they ever gained power.
    Abolish period!

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    Joe says:

    While I’m not at all a fan of the senate or at least the way it presently functions I have to say that ‘Camembert & Crackers’ is pretty silly attack on the senator in question. I suppose I sympathize with her because I can’t eat cheese and really cheese and crackers for breakfast? Ewwww. In times past when I had an expense for travel I would sometimes pass on the complimentary continental breakfast offered at the hotel in favour of a meal more to my taste and was never questioned for doing so. I didn’t feel entitled I just couldn’t stomach the stale bagels and cold cereal on offer.

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Do the big boys and girls, in the other place, still get a hot buffet in their respective foyers each day that the House is sitting?

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    Greg says:

    when you have Jackman money, you can afford to erect monuments in your honour…


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    Yukon Cornelius says:

    The best argument I ever heard in support of our Senate came from an American following Katrina and the Michael Brown ‘doing a helluva job, Brownie’ fiasco. The guy i was talking to made the point that political patronage will always be with us and that in the US they appoint these people to positions where they can do real harm. In the grand scheme of things, our Senators don’t make much money and fortunately, they have little opportunity to do us any harm. Food for thought…

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