05.06.2015 10:55 AM

Alberta aftermath alliteration


  1. Kelly says:

    People power produces profound panic among privileged poobahs. Pththththththppp.

  2. eric weiss says:

    liberals liquidated

  3. Meta Kaizen says:

    Jim Just Visiting.

  4. Ted Whipp says:

    I think the media, pundits and politicos are missing an underlying message from this election and the results: An NDPer who seems bright, bold, witty, savvy, optimistic, charismatic, bold and brash and who just happens to be a WOMAN beat the old, elitist white guys and petro-captains of business and industry at THEIR OWN GAME.
    They’re even fearful, concerned and astonished. How dare she win!
    Alberta’s daughters, moms, grandmothers and great-grandmothers must especially feel proud and more optimistic with this hope-monger at the wheel! She’s certainly elevated the dialogue.
    Now look who’s finding math a tad difficult!

  5. debs says:

    orange origins crush conservative captains

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