05.22.2015 05:41 PM

Canada Post: for a few bucks, we’ll help promote racism, anti-Semitism and pedophilia

That’s right, pedophilia. In their April issue, Sears and his fellow neo-Nazis published an article that made light of the sexual abuse of children. By any reasonable standard, that’s a crime. Why isn’t Canada Post – or the government that oversees it – doing something about this?

From the Canadian Jewish News, today:

“Warren Kinsella, a lawyer and author of Web of Hate, a look at the extremist right in Canada, said he and other residents of the east end have started a website called www.Canadiansagainstprejudice.com to oppose the message of the newsletter.

The site lists Your Ward News advertisers and asks if they know what kind of newsletter they are supporting.
Kinsella said he has been in touch with Canada Post, which continues to be paid to distribute the magazine, despite examining its content. “They don’t seem to care at all,” he said.

Canada Post did not respond to a query prior to The CJN’s deadline, but the Toronto Star quoted a Canada Post spokesperson as saying that Your Ward News did not meet the standard for “non-mailable matter.”


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    Tomasz Winnicki says:

    You leftists promote pedophiles by promoting homosexuality. Even for their tiny percentage of the overall population (2% if even that) homosexuals still make up for the vast majority of charged and consequently convicted pedophiles.

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    Tomasz Winnicki says:

    [This is a reply to Nosferatu200. There was no Reply link under her last post – I suppose to prevent further indentation.]

    I acknowledge that the two screen captures linked by Nosferatu200 are my posts. I stand by my comments, although I, like anybody else, can modify my views later on.

    I have no objections to Nosferatu200 posting my uncensored comments. (On her anti-racistcanada blog she censors a lot of my comments where I make her look bad because she can’t handle a debate on equal footing.) However, I object to being included in Nosferatu200’s (and/or NomDeGuerre200’s, who could be just another one of Nosferatu200’s sock puppets.) “A History of Violence” compilation here http://anti-racistcanada.blogspot.ca/2011/10/history-of-violence-1989-2011.html. There was no violence from me. (There was violence from ARC’s ARA friends though.) That timeline includes charged and convicted murderers. The insinuation against me is there. If I was a Canadian I would sue Nosferatu200/NomDeGuerre200 for libel. That’s why I called her a liar.

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      Nosferatu200 says:

      Yes Tom, there are people who have been charged with and convicted of murder in the time line. There are also those charged and convicted of assault and on weapons charges.

      Here is what we have written about you

      2004: Toronto, ON – Tomasz Winnicki is charged with weapons offenses

      En-route to a rally in support of Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel, Tomasz Winnicki and three others was stopped by police, who found throwing knives, a bow and arrows, and body armour in the car they were driving. Winnicki was charged with carrying a concealed weapon, having weapons at a public meeting and possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose. He pleaded guilty in 2006 and received a conditional discharge with 6 months of probation.

      Where is the lie? The libel? Before you answer, here is another link:


      He also faces criminal charges in Toronto after weapons were found in a car on its way to a rally in support of deported neo-Nazi Ernst Zundel in 2004.

      But yeah, you make us look bad. 😉

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