05.29.2015 07:10 AM

Neo-Nazi rag engaged in fraud and Holocaust denial


So watch out for door to door fraud by this despicable hate group. Danforth Music Festival and Beaches Blues Festival are owned by Leroy St. Germaine, the same waste of skin who owns and publishes Your Ward News. If they come to your door asking for money, you might want to report it as fraud…

And James Sears, YWN’s new editor in chief is all kinds of anti-Semitic crazy lately. His most recent tweet is a Holocaust denial video featuring “pastor” Steven Anderson, the leader of a Christian fundamentalist hate group from Arizona.

A few days ago, I contacted Toronto Mayor John Tory about this problem, which has literally thousands of people in East Toronto very upset. I will let you know when I get a response.

Meanwhile, below is a screen cap of the Twitter feed of James Sears, the editor of Your Ward News. He also goes by the name of “Dimitri the Lover,” via which he advocates sexual assault – a crime for which he has pleaded guilty in the past.



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    Patrice Boivin says:

    Christianity seems to be doing fine in Russia right now, I think the Russian Orthodox Church might be the only officially sanctioned religion over there: https://www.cai.org/bible-studies/christianity-russia

    I know some would argue Russia isn’t socialist anymore.

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      doconnor says:

      I would argue it was never socialist to begin with.

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    P Brennan says:

    We are slipping on doing what is right


    this stuff is scary “unfazed” …..awful ..change the names ..do people not know or care about history … shameful

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    BillB says:

    What disgusting sh**! Tory better come down hard on this and do what is right or he needs to be gone after one term. This is unacceptable.

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    Marlene Anderson says:

    Thanks for unearthing this crap and pressing for redress. As an aside, I held my nose and scrolled through a number of Dimitri’s tweets. He has a kid – I wonder what kind of woman would actually agree to bear the offspring of a man who has such a vile attitude toward the female gender. Curious to see what kind of army he leads, I scrolled his tweets a second time. Judging by the dearth of retweets and favourites on the majority of his posts, I’d say he’s mostly screaming into a big empty room and counting his echo as an audience.

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    Pipes says:

    Guess who said this- “make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it” ?

    If you know who said it, then you will know the implications of such a toiletry as “Your Ward News”.

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    P Brennan says:

    awful ..why do politicians busy themselves with barbbcues, baby kissing , other photo ops when a straightforward statement and effort against allowing such garbage would be the right thing to do and would be popular too

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    justin gobel says:

    Sears seems to be out of control

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