05.15.2015 07:06 AM

Ontario PC McNaughton advertising in neo-Nazi hate sheet?

Check it out. Unbelievable.


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    Nasty Bob says:

    I have a question for Canada Post.

    Say you were to put a pamphlet or something in a manila envelope
    And say you addressed it to
    666 Hell St.
    Hell, Underworld
    F6F 6F6
    And say you put the return address as 163 Main Street , TO, Ont. M4E 2V9
    And say you popped it in the mail with insufficient postage , or none at all

    What would happen to said envelope?

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    Richard Besserer says:

    Who’s even buying ad space in the thing? I can’t imagine it’s widely read. Even normal community papers have few regular readers these days.

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    sezme says:

    It is worth pointing out that James Sears, editor in chief of Your Ward News is not only a neo-nazi, but also soooo craaaazy. Check out his website when he campaigned for Toronto City Council against Mary Margaret MacMahon last year:
    Apart from anything else, he appears to believe that he is Jesus Christ. Though a strangely anti-semitic version of Jesus Christ. (http://www.jamessearsward32.com/images/volunteer.jpg)

    Anyhow, buh-bye Ontario PC Party. Nice knowing you.

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      Harvey Bushell says:

      Sears’ list of accomplishments is, to say the least, pretty bizarre..
      You also have to wonder if he’s really a doctor or just plays one
      on TV and if he’s really clairvoyant then how come he doesn’t know
      he’s never going to win an election?

      -Physician, University of Toronto, Class of ’88
      -Elected Chief Intern, Doctors Hospital, 1989
      -Delivered a record 95 babies during 1 year internship
      -Captain, Canadian Armed Forces, Honourably Discharged, 1992
      -Canada’s #1 Medical Fraud & Malpractice Investigator Since 1994
      -World’s #1 Seduction Guru & Male Confidence Builder Since 2005
      -Advertising & Marketing Consultant Extraordinaire
      -Ontario’s #1 Trainer of Sales Consultants, with Specialization in Mortgage & Real Estate Agents
      -Small Business Start-Up Consultant
      -Writer, Poet, Ethicist, Philosopher & Heretic
      -Religious & Spiritual Leader
      -Raceologist & Phrenologist
      -Revisionist Historian & Apologist with Special Interest in World Religions, Hitler & The Nazis, Marxist Crimes Against Humanity, Government Conspiracies
      -Anti-Feminist & Anti-Metrosexual Agitator
      -Anti-Marxist Crusader
      -Christian, Pro-Life & Family Values Advocate (Go Jesus!)
      -Christian Libertarian Theorist & Advocate
      -Jewellery & Fashion Designer
      -Consistent Scorer of >60% Right-Brain Dominance
      -Clairvoyant & Faith Healer
      -Gourmet Chef & Nutritional Consultant
      -Former Online Restaurant Critic
      -Proudly Served on High School Chess Team (2nd boarder)
      -Proudly Served on High School Typing Team (128 words per minute, #2 in city; I would have been #1 but I lost to broad on electric typewriter after inept typing teacher misinformed me that we had to use manual typewriters)
      -Legal Consultant Specializing in Sexual Assault & Harassment, Highway Traffic Act, Charter Motions, Poison Pen Legal Letters, etc.
      -Amateur Chiropractor, Accountant, Dental Hygienist, Massage Therapist, Psychotherapist, etc.
      -Expert At Shaming People Into Doing the Right Thing
      -Professional Shrew Tamer & Spanking Administrator
      -Proud Owner of a Beautiful, Svelte REAL CANADIAN (Irish-Scottish-French-Aboriginal) Wife
      -Shih-Tzu Enthusiast & Precision Belly Rubber
      -Generous With His Money But Stingy With Everyone Else’s
      -Most Brutally Honest Person on the Planet
      -Never Touches A Drop Of Alcohol (ethanol increases estrogen levels in men, thereby feminizing them, and making them useless in bed)
      -Pot Legalization Advocate & Occasional Strain Tester
      -Grower of Hair That Puts Yanni to Shame
      -The Only Major Candidate that is “Lawsuit-Proof” by having No Assets in His Name, Preventing Corrupt Elements From Silencing Him Through Extortion, Blackmail or Manipulation by way of Employing the Threat of Litigation for Slander or Libel
      -The Only Major Candidate that is “Blackmail/Extortion-Proof” Because All His Skeletons are Strewn Across the Internet (90% of which are total lies, but discourage blackmailers and extortionists)

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    George says:

    Not “Dr.” James Sears again:


    This guy is a piece of work. I’d use a more appropriate four letter word that starts with “s” but I don’t want to lower myself to his level.

    The only good thing about this is I’m sure he’s on a CSIS list for something-or-other. Always nice when the kooks keep outing themselves. I wonder who’s funding him.

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    Joe says:

    With out more information this story is a non starter with me. I once ran a branch office and I would contract out the advertising to an ad agency. I was always amazed at where my ads would appear and the unexpected results from such purchases.

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