05.23.2015 01:57 PM

The sky over Dublin

Photo (and apparently untouched) by @karltims.


  1. RogerX says:

    And this tells the RC Church in Ireland that they are no longer the custodians of national morality. But then the Pope did say something like “live and let live” which overturns the bibilical “abomination” death penalty. Now only if the muslims were so tolerant in their Koran-based fatwahs against sexual deviancy.

    • sezme says:

      Absolutely wonderful that the majority voted to let a minority have joy and dignity in their lives.

      As to the second point, when people criticize the “muslims” for fundamentalism, they would do well to remember that in Ireland, contraception wasn’t legal until 1985, homosexual sex wasn’t legal until 1993, and divorce wasn’t legal until 1995. Abortion is still illegal.

      My point being that you cannot expect all societies to progress in lock-step. Personally I’d prefer it if the world at large had all the rights and freedoms that Canadians enjoy, but it’s unrealistic, and I recognize that you need to cut cultures a bit of slack in the catching-up department. They’ll get there if we keep pushing firmly without dismissing them as primitive just because we got here first.

      • smelter rat says:

        Good points. I like it when Muslim bashers, who don’t have a fucking clue about the religion, get tutored.

        • Ted H says:

          Interesting interview on CBC about a month ago with a Muslim woman who has written on the situation of women in Muslim countries. She has also lived in Israel and the USA. Her observation on the treatment and attitudes about women by Conservative Christians, Ultra-Orthodox Jews and Conservative Muslims is that they are all exactly the same, an ignorant male centred religious culture.

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