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Why is Canada Post distributing anti-Semitic and white supremacist hate propaganda? (Updated)

Because they are.

That’s the cover of the latest issue of a hate sheet now landing in mailboxes all over Toronto’s East End.

A sampling of some of the material contained therein:

  • Editorials railing against Jewish postal workers, “ZioMarxists,” “parasites,” and what the paper’s editor calls “the illegitimate Zionist apartheid state of Israel that holocausts Palestinians.”
  • Advertisements promoting something called the “New Constitution Party,” whose membership cards feature Nazi salutes, and references to “88” – neo-Nazi code for “HH,” or “Heil Hitler.”
  • Articles promoting Holocaust deniers Ernst Zundel, David Irving and Fred Leuchter – and denouncing “mainstream media lackeys” and “cattle” who sought to have Zundel charged with publishing Holocaust-denying propaganda.
  • Articles promoting Holocaust denial and written by Gary Schipper, the former voice of the neo-Nazi Heritage Front, who now goes by the false name “Johnny Jensen.”
  • A lengthy anti-Israel polemic describing the need for “Israeli Niggers to go home,” how the Jewish state “murders thousands” every year, that Zionists are “ZioFascists” and racists, that Israel forcibly sterilizes non-white immigrant women and practices Nazi-style eugenics – and repeats the old canard that Jews are not “true Biblical Jews,” a theory favoured by neo-Nazis for decades.
  • Articles promoting “white nationalism,” skinheads, and the defunct neo-Nazi Heritage Front, in which the author – who describes herself as a “white woman” who favours “white pride” – talks openly about how “white people reserve the right to protest the rape and disfiguration of our country” by non-whites, and calls the New Constitution Party a vehicle for opposing “Racial Marxism.”
  • A letters column mocking Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne for her sexual orientation, and attacking “homos” and “queens” – and a related editorial calling Pride “a freak show on parade floats.”
  • An advertisement decrying “lies that the ZioMarxist-controlled mainstream media is feeding you about Adolf Hitler” – and calling for Jews to be “deprogrammed from anti-German propaganda.”

To call this sort of garbage hateful is to state the blindingly obvious.  It is white supremacist and anti-Semitic.  And our public mail service should not ever be helping to disseminate it.

This group, in which I’m involved, is working to persuade Canada Post to smarten up.  In the meantime, I have contacted both Canada Post and its minister – Lisa Raitt – to see what they have to say.

I can’t believe I’m about to say this – but, after twenty long (and relatively quiet) years, it appears the Heritage Front-type neo-Nazis are back.

Who will help us stop them?

UPDATE: Just got this from Raitt’s press secretary: “I strongly condemn any acts of discrimination or anti-Semitism. The content in these flyers do not represent the Government and the Government’s beliefs. Canada Post is an arms-length crown corporation responsible for its own operations, please contact Canada Post regarding this matter.”


  1. MgS says:

    Last time something like this landed in my mailbox, I found out that Canada Post is not held responsible for the content of what is sent through the mail, especially if it goes as “unaddressed admail”.

    The perpetrators of this should be pursued and held accountable. In short, Canada Post needs to cooperate with police and provide them with whatever information they have on the source of this vile crap.

    • Harvey Bushell says:

      There’s no secret about who’s responsible. Their pictures, names and addresses are in full view in the newsletter which is easily found on line with minimal google searching. I’m not going to link to it/them though. The editor also has a live weekly tv show on a local east end Toronto semi-legal OTA station every Friday night.

      • Elisabeth Lindsay says:

        If people know who these creeps are, why is no official complaint registered with the authorities, and criminal charges laid?

  2. Harvey Bushell says:

    I had a look at the web version of the newsletter. It’s pretty much the garbage I expected but what did surprise me is that there are quite a number of advertisers. Otherwise innocuous looking businesses and people advertising in that disgusting hate filled rag. I can’t believe they don’t know exactly what it is they’re supporting.

    • Larry says:

      It seems a lot of these are either (a) ads placed with no knowledge by the place of business or (b) places that were convinced it was simply a local neighbourhood newspaper and were offered low rate/free advertising.

      There is an active campaign to contact advertisers to let them know, but from what I’ve heard, even those that have asked to have their ads removed have been told that they will be held to their ‘contracts’ and their ads will not be removed.

    • karina says:

      they advertise for other people without their consent. many have asked them to stop and only a couple who go the legal rout have been successful.

  3. J says:

    I’m really sorry that we have to deliver this. Everyone that has to deliver this has voiced their displeasure about it and are told that legal dept has passed it and if someone doesn’t want to receive it that put up a “no flyers ” sign. As for us that deliver this , we have been under pressure (threat) of discipline if we refuse to deliver.
    Again , if it means anything we at my station are very sorry to have to deliver it.

    • doconnor says:

      Thank you for delivering it despite its horribleness, Enabling freedom of expression isn’t always easy, but it is the right thing to do.

      • King Prick says:

        The best way to fight hatefulness is to make sure we can see it all the time. As a postal worker, you have a duty to perform, so keep doing it. You, personally, are not a person at fault and why the hell should you care anyway? if you want to apologize for something, apologize for delivering the shameless flyers from the conservative party that land in my post box from MP’s in fucking Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Now that’s something that pisses me off. Outting a bunch of racist wannabe, attention seekers… Just do it. Without you, nobody would have contacted WK and he wouldn’t have contacted the Minister—useless though she may be.

        Relax. It’s just words on a page and words don’t hurt anyone. They’re just words.

        • Jane says:

          It’s clearly abusive for Postal Workers to be forced to be associated with this piece of trash. Just as workers get ‘Danger pay” for work that is above and beyond what we have a right to expect, Postal Workers should get ‘Disgust pay’ when they have to put up with this type of thing. I’d make it very HIGH !

  4. Africon says:

    I wonder if this is over the top even for the Canadian Union Of Postal Workers.

  5. Lance says:

    The fact that they are sending these flyers means that they have to be coming from somewhere. Their message disgusts me beyond measure, but rather than be silenced, I would rather they be heard so that they can be found, rooted out, and squashed for the cockroaches that they are.

  6. Brian K says:

    WK, I suspect that you’re already aware of this creep’s other identity as a “seduction artist”…linking to this for the benefit of those who don’t know. This guy is an anti-Semite, a racist and a virulent misogynist. Truly the whole package.


  7. Roger says:

    Interesting that they are attacking semitic Jews but don’t seem to be attacking semitic Arabs, i.e. muslims. Wonder why?!

    Do they believe the Jews are a greater threat to Canada than the Arab muslim jihadi terrorists?

    I wonder if this racist propaganda is being also financed from distant ME sources.

    • doconnor says:

      They also seem to hate Marxists.

      I wonder if this racist propaganda is being also financed from corporate sources.

      (Just to be clear I am mocking Roger.)

      • Roger says:

        With Bill C-51 now law, one must view hate literature with great punity. We must protect our Canada from such hatemongering whether it be racist, religious and even political, because hatred in all forms diminishes our genteel democracy, greatly.

    • Michelle says:

      It seems that Your Ward News does not have a problem with “Semitic” Jews (Sephardic Jews), but with “Ashkenazi” Jews. They also seem to LOVE Ethiopian Jews. That’s the paradox of the newspaper and political party. It’s a misnomer to call them “Nazis” because in previous issues they have asked Blacks, Hindus, Muslims, etc. … even TORAH JEWS … to join them. The image on their web site with all the Nazi salutes is of hands of various ethnic colours. I think they have a problem with ZIONISTS and ISRAEL. But then again, why all the Nazi propaganda? Unless of course they’re just trying to get publicity (and ANY publicity is good publicity). Because of Dimitri The Lover’s aka James Sears’ notoriety, for most readers (including acquaintances of mine) the craziness is easier to swallow. It is less looked upon as “racism” and more looked upon as “shit disturbing”. Nonetheless, free speech does make for colourful times. And we have every right to react with protests outside of their offices. BTW, did you know that Gary Schipper who writes for their paper was raised as a Jew then became a Nazi after he found out he was adopted? It doesn’t get much weirder than that!!!

  8. King Prick says:

    I am against hate speech laws. That being said; I feel better knowing that these people are out in the open as opposed to underground, plotting and scheming to hurt someone.

    I’ve has one copy arrive at my door. I read it. I even noticed that a person I know had advertised in it. (I contacted him and he had no idea that his ad was in a paper run by “K-k-k-ooks.”) It’s garbage. I get it but look at the attention they’re about to get. If and when they get shut down, they’ll fight it in court. They obviously have the money to test the waters, otherwise, they wouldn’t be doing this at all. My guess: It’s a PR stunt and they’re ready and have the cash to fight a legal battle.

    Look, we’ve seen anti-Palestinian garbage leak out too. The Hasbara Fellowship is even being questioned by people in the Jewish community. http://rabble.ca/blogs/bloggers/ijv/2015/02/pro-israel-campus-activists-acting-agents-state-propaganda-and-intimidati

    Either way; there’s always going to be a racist hiding somewhere. They’re everywhere and they don’t just dislike Israel or deny the holocaust. Bring them out in the open, let them make asses of themselves and when the time is right, challenge them in court. Even a person like Zundel welcomed the court challenges. (And had he not been a German citizen, it’s likely the Harper government would never have been able to shut him up.) These people want to be seen on a grand stage so give it to them and when the time is right, they’ll get pelted with eggs and tomatoes just like any other bad comic. Expecting government to stop speech though… That’s more dangerous than the idiot doing the speaking.

  9. Wolfer says:

    They even have armbands: http://www.ncparty.ca/contact.html#4

    But their leader is Greek. That’s not white. I think Greek is a cross between George Zimmerman and Charlie Sheen.

    Just remember that Philadelphia and Schindler’s List came out the same year as Urkel was being found funny as blacks that look like Urkel were dropping out of school.

  10. Wm. Perry says:

    It is my understanding that Canada has zero tolerance for portrayals of minors in sexual scenarios, be it film, photos, drawings or text, fact or fiction or tongue in cheek. On page 11 of the April issue of Your Ward News, in a column titled “Letters To The Lovelorn” the writer advises a 12 year old boy on how to masturbate his “weenie”. With that in mind I have filed a child pornography complaint with the police. I encourage everyone to complain to the police by calling 416 808-2222.

    If it is child pornography than Canada Post is complicit in the distribution thereof. I have also filed a complaint with Canada Post alleging that they are distributing child pornography.

    • doconnor says:

      It’s not quite zero tolerance. There are exceptions allowed for “administration of justice or to science, medicine, education or art”. This would probably fall under education.

  11. smelter rat says:

    The CPC washes their hands of the distribution of anti-semitic shit, but heartily endorse the plan to end door to door mail delivery. Good to know.

  12. e.a.f. says:

    An arms length………….right. Now there is this swamp land on Vancouver Island I’d like you to have a look at.

    Hey didn’t old Steve recently say if people supported boycotts of Israeli goods he’d consider that a “hate crime”? So how is it O.K. for Canada Post to permit this stuff to do through their system? Oh, right, this makes Canada Post more money.

    we will see how the Jewish vote feels about this little free enterprise venture. thank you for exposing this and the government’s failure to put a stop to it.

    Heritage Front types, hey didn’t those guys at one time provide security for Preston Manning of the former Reform Party which is now the Conservative Party. Come to think of it, the former Reform Party did have a few wing nuts who espoused these types of racist thoughts. It would be interesting to know how related that Northern Foundation was to the Heritage Front types 20 years ago.

  13. Jennifer D. says:

    Having received the latest edition delivered by Canada Post today… and after trying to fit my exploded brain back into my skull, I am looking for recourse to deal with this offensive and hateful speech. Not optimistic about contacting Canada Post — neighbour had horrendous experience which resulted in only frustration. But I will be calling them to voice my concern over the distribution of this material.

  14. Carly says:

    Check out the canadian union of postal workers on Wikipedia. They are attempting a Israel boycott, and pushing for non delivery to and from Israel.

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