06.12.2015 12:10 PM

I’m starting to feel better about the Toronto-Danforth thing



  1. Matt says:

    Sorry, but it’s Frank Graves and EKOS.

    Next week he’ll have the NDP at 40%.

    No other company has the Dippers that high or the CPC and LPC that low. Not saying the NDP aren’t trending upward, but Graves is out to lunch.

  2. doconnor says:

    The real surprising thing is that the Conservatives are approaching that zone as well.

    • Matt says:

      Again, according to EKOS.

      Nanos had Libs 32%, CPC 31%, NDP 28% in their release last week.

      Traditionally, CPC numbers fall in the summer months.

      • doconnor says:

        You have your dreams, I have mine.

        • Al in Cranbrook says:

          Dreams??? Try worst nightmare!!! People just don’t know it yet.

          Watching what’s going on in Alberta…


          And they’re going to subsidize wind and solar energy, which has been a bloody disaster just about everywhere else in the world, forget about Ontario’s horror story!

          Alberta’s unemployment rate should be about 8% and rising by October. Man, are they in for a rough ride or what?

          Extrapolate this idiocy to a federal NDP government…I don’t even want to think about it!

          God help us, ’cause nobody else will if these clowns take over!!!

          • Tim White says:

            Al, you sound like a partisan to me. Why are the NDP clowns so awful? Because the current slate of clowns are so much better? Like Prentice/Redford/Stelmach didn’t cook their own stew. Not to mention old what’s her name from the Wild Rose.

            Canadians want and deserve better governance and if the so called Conservative parties falter, look what happens. Calling the NDP clowns isn’t going to prevent them from getting elected, and if you look what’s happened in Alberta since Klein’s reelection in 97, there’s some compelling narrative to why the NDP took over in Alberta. And federally well who knows, we haven’t had the election yet, team C ain’t out but I’m thinking they have to up their game somehow.

  3. MississaugaPeter says:

    Maybe someone listened and assisted when you prayed for direction.

  4. Michael says:

    Their Ontario numbers are wrong. Watch for Harper to announce an emergency GST cut soon.

  5. Malcolm Jolley says:

    I think an interesting poll question (or dinner party question) would try and find out how many Canadians who had never voted NDP are considering it today.

    I also think that if you’re a progressive or just a throw-the-bums-out voter, you might wonder how practical it would be to park your vote with a Liberal candidate.

    I suspect the LPC have lost all of the NDP voters who used to hold their nose and vote Grit, and a lot of the Grits who would never have voted for the NDP.

    The “strategic voting” position of the two progressive parties seems to have flipped, or is at least very close to have flipped. I think it will be very difficult to flip them back in a few months.

    • Domenico says:

      That is a good point. My better half who used to strategically vote Grit has switched to the NDP. I am still shaking my head over Trudeau supporting Bill C-51. I might be next.

    • Priyesh says:

      Same. I live in a riding that is unlikely to go Conservative, and I might end up voting NDP to give them the most influence in government that I can. I really hope Trudeau can turn it around and offer a strong progressive alternative.

  6. Nic Coivert says:

    Either Mulcair or Trudeau have to outright take it, or its back to the Cons.

    The New Democratic Party versus the Undemocratic Party has a refreshing ring to it.

    NDP Tommy Douglas doll coming soon.

    • GFMD says:

      Surely you mean if Harper can;t take it outright its Mulcair?Trudeau or Trudeau/Mulcair.

      • Nic Coivert says:

        Just mean that in order for Harper to be defeated the battle between Mulcair and Trudeau will have to be decisive; if Mulcair/Trudeau is a saw-off then Cons win.

  7. Mark G says:

    I’m a New Democrat supporter, but parts of the EKOS poll were a bit much for me to believe. I mean, it had the Greens at around 23% in Saskatchewan. What? And there’s been no explanation of this odd number provided. Granted, regional numbers have a higher margin of error, but that number is quite out there (it’s the one times out of twenty when things go wrong.) Regardless, Graves does stand by the Quebec numbers, which is good (the Forum poll was worrying in this regard). The Ontario numbers in the EKOS poll also seemed too good to be true. Granted, all polls have shown a trend of the NDP inching up in Ontario, but regardless, I think I’m going to wait for other polls before I celebrate what I saw in the EKOS poll.

  8. Houland Wolfe says:

    It’s almost a truism that when the traditional parties (TRADPAR) screw up the economy badly, the electorate turn to the NDP. The NDP then have the hard job of righting a listing ship, for which they are castigated for failing to implement their full electoral platform. The TRADPARs then get back into power, promising to fix all the NDP mistakes (e.g. Ontario, Nova Scotia). Comments?

    • Nic Coivert says:

      This has happened, and south of the border too. Trouble is Harper has been busy tying the hands of future governments both fiscally and legally. Even if the Conservatives lose the next government will be forced into governing conservatively.

      • Priyesh says:

        I might be kicking myself for saying this… but the Cons ended up closer to balancing the budget than I thought they would be. They had to lie with some creative accounting. But it’s much better than in the US, where conservatives actively bankrupt their treasury with unsustainable tax cuts, then hand the pile of garbage to the next government.

        Whoever inherits the next government might inherit a treasury in ok shape. The real failure of the Conservatives has been in terms of job creation.

        • Al in Cranbrook says:

          Job creation??? 59,000 in May…waaaay above expectations. Free Trade agreements increasing opportunities all over the globe, not the least of which is with the EU. A recovery from the 2008 crash that is the envy of the G-20.

          That said, here’s the stick in the spokes of “job creation”: All those eco-whackos jamming up our energy sectors, and the means by which to ship our energy to markets. How many tens of thousands of damn good paying jobs have been trashed over the last decade by this fanaticism? How many tens of billions have been lost to our economy due to taking cuts of $20/bbl or more on our oil, while Obama busies himself sucking up to enviro-extremists for big bucks for Democrats coffers by blocking the Keystone project for over six years and counting, and five studies, everyone of which says go for it??? Not to mention lost revenues by the billions in taxes for both levels of governments!

          You want to know what the biggest impediments to job creation are? a) It takes damn near forever to get an approval to get anything done! Even decades! Billions spent on study after study, piled on top of more studies…only to end up challenged in courts, taking yet more years to plow through! Investors look at this crap, and they reeeeeealy have to stretch themselves to find even a hint of light at the end of the tunnel that says all this risk is even worth it! And b) They look down the road to see what the prospects are politically while they’re thinking about such investments of billions. They may see a business friendly government today in the CPC, and maybe for the next 4 years, too. But that isn’t long enough! And they look at who might end up in government down the road, both short and long term…think NDP, or even a Liberal party that has gone too far to the left…and they shudder at the mere thought! It’s called political stability, and it’s just about gone right out the window in this country, an increasingly distant memory.

          Sit back and watch the s**tstorm that coming in Alberta, sure as the sun rises in the east every morning. The flight of capital is going to be massive. I watched the NDP choke off enterprise in BC, throttling our economy until we finally achieved have-not status and had to live off of federal pokey to make ends meet! By the time they were finally shown the door, more people were leaving BC for the nearest far away place than were moving here…the first time since the ’50s that had happened!

          People think Harper is an ideologue? The NDP are the embodiment of ideology, so disconnected from the real world they don’t even know how little they about any of it, and what makes an economy tick, forget about human nature!

          • Al in Cranbrook says:

            And then there’s this crap that Canadians pay for in jobs and wealth creation…


            Nothing like being told how to live “green” by highflying millionaire celebs (or as the case may be, has-beens), flown in on a jet plane from stateside, where they live in (often several) mansions, each with their garages the size of barns to house their collections of Ferarris and Bentleys. None of whom have thought about the price of gas in decades, if ever, and whom think nothing of spending more on a weekend’s worth of entertainment than the average working slob makes in a year. No doubt what she knows about pipelines and Kinder Morgan would still take a helluva lot of imagination to stretch into a sentence involving twenty words.

            Don’t take my word for it, Google up “Jane Fonda’s home”. And while you’re at it, take another five seconds for Decaprio’s, too, or Al Gore…especially Al Gore.

            Most amazing of all is how so damn many on the left wing just can’t seem to get enough of, usually to the point of shameless fawning, such stunning hypocrisy.

          • Don Wilson says:

            Al in Cranbrook, your smear on environmentalists –“All those eco-whackos jamming up our energy sectors”– is a classic demonstration of why all Canadians have to vote for the candidate most likely to beat the conservative in whatever riding they reside. Those “eco-whackos” have science on their side, whereas PMSH & his party think science is a matter of choice, not fact. So they cherry-pick their science. Your free market fundamentalism will never trump science. And this fundamentalism will ruin the economy and our planet. Check out the facts, please, before spewing such twaddle.

          • Priyesh says:

            Harper bet the entire Canadian economy on oil. Job growth anemic, wages stagnant or even moving backwards. And when the oil sector collapsed, so did all of his plans. That’s not responsible economic policy in the slightest. If the next government, Liberal or NDP, can think beyond Econ 101, that will be more than the Conservatives have done in their entire 10 years.

          • Al in Cranbrook says:

            Science on their side, eh?

            Interview with Freeman Dyson, well worth 20 minutes of your time…


            I certainly hope AGW Inquisitors don’t come down on him too hard, you know?

            And a look back to June 12, 2008 predictions by AGW “scientists” based on “modeling”, as presented by ABC…


            I’m usually wont to say that you just can’t make up s**t like this…but clearly I would be wrong.

        • Nic Coivert says:

          The so-called balanced budget was predicated on high oil prices, which are non-existent, and the fact that huge military contracts don’t hit the books until next year due to typical Con sleight of hand.

  9. gyor says:

    Side note Bill Blair has won the nomination in Scarbough.

    • Warren says:

      Whoever lives in that riding should vote either CPC or NDP. What a disgrace.

      • doconnor says:

        The Conservatives unreservedly support all the things we don’t like about Blair.

        • Matt says:


          I wasn’t aware Conservatives support Toronto Police stopping innocent black and brown people and demanding to see their I.D.

          • doconnor says:

            I can’t find any comment by provicial or federal Conservatives on the issue. Conseratives Rob Ford and until very recently Red-Tory John Tory supported carding.

            The Conservatives are on record supporting the mass arrest of protestors that happened under Blair.

    • lance says:

      And how many here said, “He still has to win the nomination….” As if there was any doubt, he had the royal signet.

    • Matt says:

      Well, Blair didn’t “win” the nomination.

      It was a coronation disguised, rather poorly as a nomination race.

      His biggest two challangers dropped out weeks ago clearing the way for him.

      One of them even said upon withdrawing that Trudeau made it abundantly clear to everyone that Blair was his choice and would be getting the nomination.

  10. Don Wilson says:

    Warren, your rejection by Butts, et. al. may be a blessing and not in a disguise. When Team Trudeau gets thoroughly trashed in October, then finally the old guard may be turfed out and new blood will filter in. Your day may yet come. So many Liberals are leaning NDP. Rebuilding the LPC under an NDP government will easier, knowing that the radical conservatives are no longer in power

    • Matt says:

      Technically, isn’t it mostly the “new blood” that is leading the Liberals current nose dive?

      • Don Wilson says:

        Matt, I don’t know nearly enough about who is really driving the Liberal Bus these days. Someone is coaching and over-coaching JT to the point that he sounds like a robot. Warren would know if there was a complete purge after the Ignatieff disaster. Is Butts part of the new guard? Are the people who thought that Iggy was the greatest thing since sliced bread the same people who are now advising JT?

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